Monday, 27 April 2015

Good friends

My friend does house clearances, she turns up a surprising amount of weird and wonderful things. She has an eye for the kitsch, something I am not very good at at all. She always keeps me in mind if she finds haberdashery or fabric bits and pieces.

She bought a heap of haberdashery to sell on and asked me to go round and help her identify the stash, she is not a sewing person. There was tons of it. I couldn't really come away empty handed.

She knew not of waistband interfacing, bias binding, knicker elastic, bikini fasteners or the belt kit at the top.

I have used the waistband interfacing. The crochet edging you may recognise from my red t-shirt. I have used the grey zip in a bodycon dress that was truly awful hence you have not seen it! Sadly the belt kit was missing instructions and even with my inflated confidence, couldn't work out how to make it; then I realised the pin was missing!

Last night she said she had a buyer for the whole lot and did I want to go and get anything before it was gone. I came away with s handful of zips, more elasticated lace, little belt buckles, crochet lace in the softest pink and essentials like elastic and waistband interfacing.

She also rooted out some useful pieces of fabric which she gave me from her hoards of stuff. She said, "I thought this cord was really you!" How right she is, what a dear friend.

She didn't even know my new years pledge to only make clothes that go with things that I already have - look at the potential of a cerise boiled wool skirt and matching cotton blouse - exciting stuff.

Lots to think about there. Any ideas for the cord? I wanted flowery jeans but there isn't quite enough.

Jo x


  1. What a lovely little haul, I'd go for a above the knee skirt with the cord, perfect with thick tights and boots in autumn/winter, it's a lovely colour mix
    Clare x

  2. Now thats a good, friend nice haul x

  3. Wow, impressive haul she is a good friend. Loved the cord I like Clare would go for a skirt to wear with thick tights and boots.

  4. The cord would make a lovely waistcoat or gilet. Or maybe you wear shorter capri trousers in the summer?

  5. Yep I reckon skirt with the cord, perfect for spring :)

  6. Wow what a great friend. The crochet lace is beautiful. I cant wait to see what you end up making

  7. Dear Jo
    Lucky you! I would make a skirt with the cord too (one of the only tings I can make at the moment, so I could be a bit biased!) . It would look lovely though.
    Best wishes

  8. What fab things and what a fab friend!!!!!! The cord would make a great skirt I reckon and I can totally picture you in it - having met you and all!! xx

  9. Aren't good friends such blessings!!! I am so happy that she was able to spot these things for you and I can't wait to see your creative mind tackle those fabrics! They are so you!!!! Happy week Jo!! Nicole xo

  10. Lucky you to have such a useful friend. I think the cord would also be good as an a - line skirt, or possibly even a pair of shorts for the summer? Judy X

  11. That fabric is really lovely. Would there be enough cord to make a pinafore?

  12. Oh, that floral cord!! Gorgeous. Yes, jeans or trousers would've been the thing, but maybe a nice simple skirt? It would need to be a simple pattern with a design that busy. ;-)