Friday, 18 July 2014

Yarn News

In the Yarn news today...

Crochet classes have finished for the Summer and I couldn't resist showing you this project made by one of the ladies who comes to my class. She has made it for her daughter for a wedding present, isn't it lovely? My heart skipped a beat when I thought that I had taught her to crochet last year and now she is having creative ideas all of her own. Hooray!

This is annoying me so I think a tea cosy is in order.I have separated out all the pastel colours (not for me) and made a start.

Laugh all you like, I know I have not got the face right yet!!! but I enjoyed learning crab stitch to make the scarf edge.

I am about 4 rows further on with my Miette cardigan. My mum is choosing buttons for hers for goodness sake!

Started, then frogged (due to an error of my own), then cast on again this cardigan for myself. Lovely soft yarn.

That's my yarn news, what's yours?

Jo xxxx


  1. What a wonderful thing to pass on a skill and then have results like that, truly made with love. Have a lovely break.

  2. That is a beautiful creation the lady has made for her daughter, and you encouraged the little spark that got her hooked in the first place, Jo - that's got to make you feel good :) xoJoy

  3. How lovely that your student made that beautiful wreath, see you are an amazing teacher! I love your sweaters to be, you will love the Miette once you get a little further along, it is a bit fiddly at first. And what is that other pattern? I must take a look at it as our test is so similar. Good luck with your projects.

  4. The heart is beautiful and what a wonderful gift it will make, you are such a good teacher!! xx

  5. Wow!! The heart looks amazing and very creative :) you and your students are very talented:)

  6. 'Be the spark that lights the flame'-Jo you are certainly an inspiring teacher-lovely to see what one of your students has achieved, what a beautiful heart xx

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I think the tea cozy is a wonderful idea for the scraps, and, it goes without saying the flower idea is excellent usage for the bits and pieces. Can't wait to see the finished project as well as your other WIP. Like so many of us we have to have several projects in the works to relieve ourselves of boredom. My biggest problem is I want to do it all. Sometimes I think that is a curse. Your student's heart is going to be a loved gift to her daughter. You taught her well.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. Successfully encouraging someone's creativity is very exciting, isn't it, Jo! Cheers for you and your student! I think your little doll is cute...and she makes me smile, even if you aren't quite satisfied with her yet. My yarn news today is that my oldest granddaughter climbed onto my lap today for another crochet lesson! I do hope she will learn to love crafting more and more. xx

  9. Faces are really hard to get right but she isn't bad you know. I've taught a handful of people to crochet and it' so lovely when you see the stuff they've come up with!

    You'll get your cardigan right in the end, hopefully this time around! I'm just at the under arms of the one I've been knitting, I'm trying to complete 4 rows a day...