Monday, 10 June 2013

Pond adventure

Yesterday we went out to frolic in the glorious weather. My dad has some farmland and farm buildings. (building a house there is still a bit of a dream for him) My grandparents lived in the adjacent farm house that was sold when they passed away but my dad kept the milking sheds and some of the land. Who wouldn't want to keep a little foothold to appreciate this view of South Shropshire?

His neighbours keep their horse Dan there and sometimes the girls have a little ride or just pet him.

There is a spring fed pool at the bottom of the fields and we had been pond dipping there last weekend but forgot to take the camera.

We upped the adventure stakes this weekend and Bloke dragged his canoe out of the farm sheds and pond dipping took on new heights. 
There were some precarious moments, wet pants and a soggy welly incident but it was all great fun.

An old enamel bowl we found served as a good collection point for tadpoles, mayfly nymphs and a little baby newt.

Little M just wanted to feel them wriggling in her hands.

It was lush and jungle like, too tall for Little M to even walk through. The ferns are getting as tall as Big Sis who is 5.

The bulrushes have been stripped by birds making fluffy nests.

Young eyes can see so much more. Blue dragonflies, red ones, lots of pairs joined together, the buzz of insects was phenomenal.

Nearly back at the top of the bank through the blossom.

Thistles to contend with showing their purple edged flower buds.

Finally Big sis asked me if it was 4 O'clock. When I said it was 3.20 she was disappointed because her dandelion clock blow had not told the correct time! "Are they always half an hour late?" she said.
Lovely day to remember. Jo x


  1. What gorgeous photos Jo, really captures a wonderful family day out - at very little cost I might add! Children always remember days like this when they can enjoy the outdoors with their family. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    Lots of love

  2. What a lovely day out, seeing nature at it's best Julie x

  3. What wonderful photos! They have made me a little homesick I have to say , Shropshire really is one of the most beautiful places :) Thank you for sharing Jo!
    Elisabeth xoxo

  4. I remembered that you were from Shropshire but now in Sunny Spain. Your Santa Semana photos did the same to me - I wanted to go back on holiday! Jo x

  5. You pond dipping looks like such fun. I know we enjoyed ours x

  6. So glad you are documenting this memory of a lovely family time! Lovely, Jo, and thanks for sharing it :-)
    xx Gracie