Saturday, 1 June 2013

New sewing Machine

Eeeek! While I was away my new sewing machine arrived. My lovely next door neighbour took it in for me and kept it warm (and I believe dry, after hearing the weather reports from this neck of the woods) for the week we were away.

It is a Toyota Oekaki. I have been wanting a new machine for ages, not because my Brother one has packed up but for you seamstresses and quilters out there you will know how much I wanted to let the needle free form rather than running in straight lines and you could not do that on mine.

So here she is with a shiny new 'ching' on her:

It has an extension table for when I get round to making that quilt I have been dreaming of, a flower foot for making pretty flowers, zipper foot, applique foot for popping little things onto bigger things... I know, I am just rambling with excitement...

So today I started with something small. Big Sis had a whole in the knee of her jeans so I made a patch to go over it. I used the free form foot and was able to 'drop the feed dog' (lower the zigzag teeth that pull the fabric through in a straight line) and just whizz my fabric up and down, round and round to my hearts content.
 I just love it.

Now doesn't that look funky?

So much better than putting them in the bin. Repaired by mum with love. I am making something else tonight because I have not got enough wool to finish the edges on my pretty crochet cardigan I am dying to show you. You know, the game of wool roulette I play, as if I haven't got enough excitement already with my new sewing machine. Bye Jo xx


  1. I think the jeans look even better with that patch - it's fab! Did your daughter like it? Julie x

  2. How exciting, a lovely new sewing machine! The little patch on the jeans looks very sweet.
    M x

  3. How fantastic for you Jo - I wish you many hours of happy sewing and look forward to seeing lovely new projects zipping off that fab new machine; you've made a great start with that gorgeous little heart - yippee!!! Joy x

  4. Oh wow Jo fab, love your heart, it is so funky. Your holiday photographs are just lovely. Looking forward to your forthcoming posts, thank you
    Lots of love
    :-) xxxxxx

  5. Wow wow..Jo so nice to get a new machine. I have heard how crafters become attached to their machines..i am sure you two will have a fantastic relationship :) Looking forward to some lovely projects from you!

  6. love the machine, and the patch is genius!

  7. Thanks all, glad to see you back visiting me. Got a head full of stuff to make and do. Jo x

  8. Well done on the patch - I can 'drop the feed dog' too but then just sit and stare at the fabric for a bit before popping off to do something else! This looks great! Jane x

  9. Thanks to your brave heart, you are on your way to all sorts of creative adventures, Jo! Thanks for posting! xxGracie