Saturday, 1 June 2013

Back from Holidays

Hello everyone! Back from our holidays on the sunny and windy south coast in Lyme Regis. Lets take a peek...
Deer Park dawdle at Dyram Park (NT)

Beautiful blue gardens at Barrington Court

Sensational sixteen sided house of treasures, A la Ronde.

Crabbing on the Cobb in Lyme Regis
Tall tulips still out on the last day of May
Fossil Hunting at Lyme Regis
Fossil finds by Little M and what a corker from the
eagle eye of Big Sis. It was just on the beach amongst a zillion other stones.
 A few sunny days to go on the beach and watch the people go by, having an ice cream or a hot chocolate depending on the freakish weather conditions...
or play with stones
or build sandcastles - in our fleeces you might notice!
Thanks for checking back in, I made a rather lovely crochet cardigan on holiday but I have not quite finished the edges yet. I also made some great crafty purchases to help me along in some new projects
so stay tuned for those this week.
Happy weekend Jo xx



  1. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. We've had some lovely holidays down that way in the past, never found a fossil though, that one is fab! Julie x

  2. Welcome back to blogland Jo - glad to hear all went well and it looks like it too by your lovely pics. That's a fantastic fossil find wow! Is that a wisteria I spy there? And the tulips are gorgeous too.
    Looking forward to seeing your new cardigan.
    Joy x

  3. sounds a lovely holiday - glad you had so much fun x

  4. I loved seeing some of what you saw...especially the 16 sided house and the fossil! So glad you made happy memories and shared some of them with us :-)
    xx, Gracie