Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hooray! Lacy Cardigan

Tonight blogging has really come into it's own. I have been making a tunic on my new sewing machine and it all went a bit wrong(my sewing not the machine)but feeling the need to post what I have made today forced my hand on the lacy cardigan issue. It was so close to finishing that I rooted it out of my holiday knitting bag, hunted out some cream wool, finished the border, sewed in the ends and in a 'late-night' photo shoot had a Ta-da to show you all.

Hence the scrunched up linen blouse I have been wearing for two days
which is not the perfect partner.

But hey, it's all about the crochet

The cotton came in the huge yarn haul I had a few weeks ago. It didn't have any ball bands so I had no idea of yardage. I did weigh it and knew I didn't have enough but I started.I am an optimist maybe I thought it would grow in my sleep!

It didn't. I found a haberdashery in Axminster on holiday and bought the coffee colour to complete the project giving it a sort of cappuccino look.

The pattern is from the US book The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller which one of my crochet class beginners had bought and had got completely confused with the US terms so she gave it me for a while.

This is the motif and it also appears in it's inverse in the pattern. The sleeves were supposed to be in pattern too but it used up too much yarn so I improvised to make the cream go further. All in all I am really pleased with it. Now if I can just master the 1967 tunic sewing pattern I made it to go with, I have an outfit.
Blogging, isn't it great - it made me finish this crochet project in the final hour and that is the kind of motivation I like.
Love Jo xxx


  1. Such a pretty thing Jo, and full marks for perseverance! The pattern looks very intricate and I would think a lot of concentration was required - not an 'in front of the TV' project - well done!
    Joy x

  2. Very well done, Jo! You are a talented lady. :-)

  3. Oh, so intricate, and so sweet! I have a weakness for white lace-y things, and this is utterly lovely

  4. Jo this is just lovely, the colours enhance one another. I agree with you about blogging, it really helps to focus the mind and force you into action. Well done, great work
    Lots of love

  5. Wow! I have never tried anything so complicated, which makes me appreciate your lovely results all the more, is so lovely I did not see the rumpled shirt till you pointed it out :-) xx, Gracie