Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hooray! Toadstool pincushion

Sometimes I just like making stuff out of stuff. Do you?

I finished a reel of cotton that was in my nan's old singer sewing machine drawers and couldn't bear to throw it away so I made a little toadstool.

It just sort of made itself. I found the felt flower piece which I had saved from something and put that over the bottom to cover the join and the gathers.

Then I added beads and it stands up all on it's very own!

I do enjoy at bit of hand sewing to potter away the evenings. It broke the boredom that is making curtains for the trailer tent. I didn't photograph them because squares are just not that interesting but I got all six finished yesterday. Jo x


  1. Jo, that is soooo cute, and what a good idea to save the wooden cotton reel. I was at a vintage fair the other week and someone was asking £1 for each reel. Feeling smug as I picked up 5 for £1 at my local charity shop, but I collect not sell so won't be making a profit.
    Have a good make today.

    S xx

  2. This is very interesting and colourful Jo, as well as being useful. Such a lovely thing to do (and keep) with your Nan's cotton reel - by the way when I was young, in Scotland, we used to call them 'purns'! Maybe that was just in my area but it may also be a Scottish-wide word!
    Joy x

  3. That is so clever and a lovely way to make a keepsake.

  4. That is just so cute and practical Jo, well done. I love the idea of taking something which has been loved and used and turning it into something new. Our society is sadly too ready to throw things away but I am hopeful that this trend is on the way out as people realise that we can reuse things over again, sometimes just have to think creatively about how to do it - just as you have done. Great post as always Jo.
    Lots of love

  5. What a sweet little upcycled project! Chrissie x

  6. You do make something everyday! The toadstool is way cute. :-)

  7. It's really cute, Jo! Nice job.

  8. That is so sweet, I love seeing other peoples clever ideas. I thought the beads underneath were little bells at first. It's gorgeous :) xx

  9. It is so darling. Love it. I think there is always space for as many pincushions as we can possibly fit in. Very clever idea xo

  10. It's lovely. I need a proper pin cushion, I really do. x