Sunday, 12 January 2020

Loving - recent Sunsets here in the UK

Making -  My Loki sweater and enjoying a few rounds every night. I have touched little else in fact because I love making it so much.

Wearing - My newly sewn Mathilde blouse from this Minerva fabric. No ironing just wash and hang it on a hanger for next time. 

Eating - The last of our Christmas cake

 Disliking - running out of time

Buying - A staircase balustrade

Building - Our bathroom at the new house

Repairing - a little hole in a crochet blanket, you have to catch them straight away.

Collecting - Up lots of fiction books my children have read to donate to school

Sewing - a Portland Tie back top from some slinky viscose from Minerva ready to go on their new website which will be arriving soon.

Feeling - Like the house needs a good clear out, again!

Enjoying - seeing my succulents take root that I poked in some soil last Summer. Two out of three of my spider plat cuttings have taken too. 

A short this month but I have enjoyed reading others.
 Jo xxxx


  1. The sweater is looking brilliant, I am admiring your concentration in getting every single stitch right. Both of the tops are lovely, I imagine the viscose is a tricky thing to sew with, but you've made a beautiful job of it. Lovely to see new plant growth so early in the year.

  2. I too have been enjoying, and taking photos off, the beautiful sunsets; they really are glorious this time of year. I'm working on a crochet blanket. Battening down the hatches incase storm Brendan hits here. Best, Jane x

  3. We really have had some amazing sunsets, haven't we? Your January looks very busy and your Loki looks amazing. x

  4. You have been busy, I am taking things slowly but like you enjoying the amazing sunsets.

  5. It is lovely to get glimpses of your industry "across the pond" ...gorgeous stitching, pretty papering and painting, meticulous mending and woodworking, appreciating the glories of creation in plants and skies.... There is a TV channel I can watch 2016 episodes of your Escape to the Country program. It helps me feel closer to you. xx

  6. Beautiful sunsets indeed. None here, it has been most miserable almost every day this January. Your Loki is just stunning, as are your two new tops. Funny that you mention Minerva. I just did, too. I said that if one fabric shop needed a good website designer, it was Minerva Crafts. I am looking forward to the new one you mention here. Good luck with bathroom building. Plumbing is always a bit daunting (not that I ever do any). Have a good week x

  7. The Loki sweater is beautiful, Jo, looking forward to seeing it finished. And I like your Mathilde blouse as well. And we're only half-way through January! I'm determined that this year doesn't speed away as quickly.