Saturday, 18 January 2020

Easy Peasy Sewing Time

I was looking for a nice little starter project for my sewing group and this came up on my pintrest feed. It was so easy to make, I thought I should share.

The pattern was a tutorial from here.

The curve at the top of my first one was not the right shape but I nailed it on the second version. I used up some recycled denim and some precious Liberty left overs. It was a great make without the need for zips, button holes, studs or spring clips. 
Simple is sometimes the best.

I am going to knock out a load of these for teacher/colleague gifts. I guess mine will have to be the pilot one! Why not have a go. It uses fusible fleece which can be expensive but I used normal wadding left over from a quilt. A great way to use up some scraps.

I won't be needing sunglasses for a while, but for now, my close work glasses can stay safe. Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxx


  1. That little glasses case is just perfect! I have 2 pairs and they're always lying around even though the boxes are right there; I'm just to lazy to put them in them! Best, Jane x

  2. These are lovely. I too would keep the 2nd best for myself. You are thoughtful Jo. I will have a go at making this pattern. Have to do it by hand as I have finally binned my sewing machine. I'm too old now to bother getting another, lol.

  3. What a super gift, they are adorable. Love the fabric choice.

  4. Neat choice of material, and the flap design is clever. Thanks for sharing the links! xx