Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Good, Pink and Wrong.

I am deeply engrossed in knitting my Loki Sweater. It is totally addictive.

Before I started it, I made a quick little knit to get me ready for the long haul. It is always good to start an epic project off the back of a successful one. I used my favourite vintage baby pattern to make this little cardigan. I like to keep a boy and a girl knit up my sleeve for friends. Then today, my friend came round and said her sister is expecting in June - sorted.

This one used up some Sirdar snuggly which was given to me a while ago in a destash. The other colours were used to make a couple of baby blankets last year.

On a slightly less successful note, I have been trying to knit some mittens for Little M to match the cowl she knitted for herself but I can't seem to get the sizing right. This is my third attempt - the next attempt will involve some kind of bedtime shenanigans where I am trying them on her while she is asleep. I knit at night, never in the day so this seems a likely option. Maybe I can get her to make a card template of her hand - oh the desperation!

What are you knitting - successfully or unsuccessfully?

Jo xxx


  1. The sweater is gorgeous. I am in awe of your creations.
    No knitting here but I've almost finished crocheting a baby blanket for my friend who's due in March. X

  2. The Loki sweater is brilliant. I am knitting a scarf but I'm just not enjoying any of the patterns I'm trying. Maybe it's the yarn, which is multi-coloured. I don't know, but I've unravelled it about four times now. As I type this, your leg warmers pattern is catching my eye, so maybe I just need to change tactic. I want to knit, but I can't seem to settle on the right thing.

  3. Love the Loki sweater. I am on the homestretch with my Polaris jumper, pink and all. I have gone off knitting lately but I am determined to finish the jumper.

  4. Your Loki sweater is looking better and better. What does the safety pin do, btw?

    Am knitting a Kim Hargreaves design from a very old Rowan book. It is a cream slouchy cardigan with a pattern based on motifs from old French tapestries. The yarn is a mix of aran, chenille and dk, all discontinued, so I have had to substitue all sorts of different ones - fingers crossed! Already undone the first pattern row three times :(

    1. I have decided this is the front so if I get a baggy stitch I definitely go back and make it better. Nothing worse than a bobbly stitch right on your nipple! xx

  5. I admire your knitting projects [Loki is especially amazing 😮] and I appreciate so much that you confess your struggles [and reason for using the safety pin 😃 me hope and determination to keep knitting.xx