Thursday, 9 January 2020

Building Bits

We have worked tremendously hard on our new build over the holidays with some of the bits you might actually want to see! When there is wallpapering involved, you can't help but get a tiny bit excited. Here is the latest building gallery for you catch up with.

Painting, painting and more painting.

We found out that the black plastic matting the builders put down last year had indeed kept the floor protected during building work (especially the time when the dog knocked a can of paint from the landing down onto the hallway floor) but the plastic had also been retaining moisture from the underfloor heating. We peeled back the corner to fit some skirting board to find there were grey mould spots on the wood and it was soaking wet Aghhhhhh! Anyway we pulled the plastic up and are now walking on large pieces of cardboard. It looks fine and has dried out really quickly. It just needs a light sand now. Phew!

We don't get to see our friends at weekends as much as we would like to unless we invite them to the building site. Here are some pretty resourceful girls painting a mural on some left over cardboard. That floor gets lovely and warm by the way... warm, I did some painting in my socks because it was better than having my boots on.

Cheeky monkeys. It is a good job they didn't write something else they had seen written on the back of a white van this week - it was something to do with cockerels I think!!


It was nice to paint a colour that wasn't white for a day. This was described as 'Clay' on the tin but I would say it is more of an agricultural/army green. Anyway, it is the wall we will hang our coats on so it needed to be a bit sludgy and now I really love it. The oak is some boarding we had left over from another job and it will stop the dog messing up the wall - well that is our thinking behind a half clad oak wall.

Other moments of greatness include door frames which need the corners sanding, curtain poles which need curtains and doors which need latches. Andy has learnt how to do all of this woodowrk and I have waxed all of the wood.

So you may be asking the same question that everyone asks, "When will it be finished?" By the end of the year we hope. We don't have a bathroom yet and the outdoor farm yard is untouched and unsafe for our dog.

It is too misty to see the hills today but we can see the rubbish which will one day become our garden!

At the end of a particularly long day we all sat down in the kitchen to admire the wonderful view from the bifold doors. We too were wondering "When will it be finished?" so that we can look at this every day.

Jo xxxxx


  1. What a lot of work and such willing helpers! Your girls are doing wonderful with learning so many life skills. Underfloor heating sounds blissful. And what a view!! I can see why you want to get finished. Best, Jane x

  2. Having trouble with commenting on Blogger blogs again.... trying a different browser.

    I love the enthusiasm with which you create your new home Jo. I fancy underfloor heating but it would be too expensive and too disruptive to fit in an old house. The view you have is stunning, imagine sitting where you sat with a cup of coffee, just gazing out the window. Utter bliss. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Gosh, how awful about the plastic matting causing mould - glad you caught it in time. Everything is coming on really well. That clay colour is very sophis!

  4. I'm so impressed with you all, Jo, and all your hard work. It is going to be a gorgeous home. And, yes, I love the blue wallpaper as well.

  5. I can't wait to see the final pictures when you get in. It looks so close now and I love all your finishes. I especially like to see your girls getting stuck in with the tools and trying everything, they are so helpful. x

  6. Wonderful progress! I got to stand on a heated kitchen floor at a friend's house not long ago, and it was sock foot worthy as well :) xx

  7. It is looking so wonderful Jo. You must be so pleased with the progress. Well done by all of you!