Friday, 20 November 2015

Vintage patterns with love

I have been sharing my vintage pattern makes all year with  A Stitching Odyssey and on the dedicated pinterest board. My final one for this year is from my all time favourite vintage pattern Simplicity 7642 (1968)


I have made View 2 and 4 so far and today I am sharing View 3.
I also have two new sensational patterns that I have not used yet but was itching to show.

I mean what a pattern!! What other skirt would you ever need in your life? Oh, Butterick 4965 (1960's) I could happily go to my grave wearing variations of the tops from the first pattern and skirts from this pattern - oh and some jeans too obviously.

I recently bought this one, it was a 'wanty' thing, simplicity 8495 (1969) to cover any parties I might be invited to. If I don't get invited anywhere I will just stop in and stare at these pretty pictures with a glass of wine wearing carmen hot rollers.

If I could only have one more vintage pattern, heaven forbid, I would keep this one: Butterick 3598 for an everyday dress. I have made it twice. 1960's is my 'thing' with vintage patterns.

So what have I actually made? This fantastic top, view 3 from the first pattern, which I am so pleased with because it goes with everything, I mean everything.
(Terrible early morning winter picture alert btw)

Homemade Jeans. Tick.

Navy work trousers. Tick.

My homemade pencil skirt (not ironed!). Tick.

Denim skirt and boots. Tick.

My boiled wool jumper upcycle. Tick

I settled on this for work today and left the bedroom with navy clothes strewn everywhere for my return.

The bottom border is a new thing for me. I used giant cotton ric rac to make a scallop edge. It has two purposes it turns out: it looks beautiful and it weighs the light cotton down to stop the top riding up at the back or the front.

You may have worked out by now that I love this top. The fabric was from the clearance section on  A navy background with little bits of my favourite fresh green in the centre of the circles.

Happy sewing folks. Thanks to Marie for hosting a great challenge this year. I am no longer a collector of vintage patterns, I am now a maker and wearer of them.

 Thanks for stopping by.

Jo xxxxx


  1. Wonderful new top.....beautiful and useful too! Love the giant ricrac trim, what a good idea.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  2. Hi there, your top is lovely, I love those great basic patterns you can make over and over again. Do remember that we have a dedicated Pinterest Board for our End of Year Competition which has great prizes, You can find out more here:

  3. Another huge success. Love the addition of the ric rac, stunning. I am afraid I remain a collector of the vintage pattern, maybe one day....

  4. What a fab top and love all the patterns you have shown.x

  5. Woo Hoo!!!! I am cheering all the way from Florida, because that top is fantastic. Now that Simplicity Pattern 8498 view 3 is calling me something fierce, it looks like it would be my go to dress for Summer, which it is 99% of the time here.
    Hugs to you wonderful, witty and talented Jo,

  6. These are such classic patterns, and I love the fabric you chose for the top.Good idea with the giant ric rac! These are all styles that I grew up with as my mom sewed all her clothes and a good portion of ours as well.

    Jo, could you please contact me at to exchange addresses for our Christmas swap. I'm unable to access your email for some reason, so am leaving you a message here instead. Thanks so much!

  7. Oh Jo! I'm so happy you've taken part and I adore you're beautiful top! Your lovely words are also making me realise just how worthwhile the pledge has been :0) As Kerry said above, make sure you enter our competition for fab prizes!

  8. The 1960s was my 'hey-day', I made all my own clothes and patterns like these were my inspiration. So good to see your generation enjoying the classics of that era.

  9. I love 60s styles too, they are so modern. This looks fabulous, and you are right it goes with everything.

  10. What a trip down memory lane. Sadly I donated all my mum's patterns to the charity shop. I do hope someone like you is enjoying them. PS My mum was born in Shrewsbury and evacuated to farming relatives in Shropshire during the war, a period in her life she adored. She would have loved all your makes as much as I do.

    1. Such kind words Sarah. Shropshire certainly is a beautiful place. Jo x

  11. I love it. And it's the ric rac trim at the bottom which makes it for me - such a fun touch!

  12. There is an elegant simplicity to all the vintage patterns that I like very much. And all your makes look so lovely on you, Jo!

  13. I think I have that 7642 pattern too! Its brilliant, you've done a wonderful job with it. What a fun idea to add the ric rac! Excellent! :-) Best wishes, Jessie