Friday, 27 November 2015


Thank you sooooo much for your messages, they really have warmed our soul this week.

I buried myself in a little sewing to keep me busy. A top which kept morphing into different things. It ended up as a useful layering tunic.

However, it started life as a self drafted fold neck top but it was too generous and I ended up with a sack including saggy sleeves!

So I made ties for the shoulders which pulled in the neck hole and changed the sleeve shape to give a narrower profile. I wasn't for giving up.

Better, but still too big in length and lacking in shape.

Ah, I see,  it needed a tie waist. A really nice tunic to layer up for winter. I got there in the end. The fabric is from Minerva, it is a stretch nylon jersey with a great drape. I also made a Bettine Dress by Tilly and the Buttons from the same fabric a while back and I have worn it many times, the fabric does not need ironing - maybe that is why I have worn it so much!

Love to all you fabulous people out there.

Jo xxxx


  1. Oh I really like the top you made it really suits you x

  2. Nice fabric! I like both your dress and top, Barbara xx

  3. It's brilliant. I like the idea of stretchy clingy fabric, really useful, and flattering as well.

  4. You never cease to amaze. I love how one garment can just morph into something else, you have a rare talent.

  5. Love to you right back my friend. You look gorgeous as usual and you never cease to amaze me with your sewing skills. Sew and knit, that is my advice for you.

  6. Glad the crafting is helping you. I know it lifts my spirits immensely to make something, so therapeutic.

  7. Thanks for sharing some of your creative process, Jo. Your pretty new tunic should serve you well. I'm sending you and yours more love and hugs as fuel for your continued creativity xxxx

  8. What a fabulous tunic to wear over jeans and a T-shirt. You look great Jo. I loved the messenger bag too. You are so clever with all your makes.

  9. Yeah, tunic is awesome! A Greece style is so chic! Lovely fabric will look good with any type of trousers.