Sunday, 1 November 2015

Making two syndrome

I am not good at making a pair of anything: mitts, sleeves, ankle warmers. I sort of lose the motivation on the second one and I can never quite get them the same with my penchant for going off piste with patterns. Anyway, this leads to the making of a second blanket for my second daughter.

I made a scrappy tape. I can't say bias binding because it was not cut on the bias but an edging tape nonetheless.

I machine sewed it to a recycled blanket which my dad gave me when he moved house in Spring. I have cut it in half. Half for one sister, half for the other.

Then I appliqued her name on it in an awful rush. Not happy with that 'G' but she won't mind. I just wanted to get it finished. It was taking up the whole of one drawer under the spare bed and it is time it went to it's home at the cabin to join the other one belonging to her sister.

They are warm, have used up long thin off cuts, as well as saving a blanket that would have gone to the tip. The girls love them but if the truth be told, me... I didn't enjoy making them very much. All that heaving and shoving under the machine with the weight of it pulling and sliding off the table. Ugh! However, I enjoyed thinking up the overall idea and showing my girls some love.

That photo didn't quite come out as my creative mind intended!

We sat outside and savored the sunset, watched for bats and snuggled under our huge pink recycled blankets.

Little M took lots of photos to show you.

We feasted on our campfire evening meal - jacket potatoes, prawns and salad followed by bananas cooked with chocolate but they ate those before I got chance to photograph them of course!

So all's well that ends well. 
Hope you have had a good week, here's to another.
Jo xxx


  1. Well done, that has earned you good mummy points I am sure. My middle boy told me yesterday it was his turn for a make. I've just made a button up shirt for my big boy and a dress for my daughter, although I am flattered at the long list of things he believes me capable of making him I can't help thinking "no me first!"

  2. I love those blankets made new again and so personal, great photos also. xx

  3. I think they look fab, nice and snuggly perfect for the cabin, great up cycling
    Clare xx

  4. Moments to treasure with your little girls. Very satisfying to give something old a new lease.

  5. The blankets are great. Well done on getting them made.

  6. Having just finished a blanket for Bella which I didn't really want to make, I can totally understand the mixed emotions in such a project and the feeling of duty which goes with it. I have to say though that these blankets are charming. You took something that was destined for the tip and turned it into something creative and personal. Your girls are going to remember these blankets for years to come. x

  7. I admire you work, Jo, and I can imagine your girls appreciate the blankets you have so cleverly made for them. The sunset photos are lovely! Thanks for posting :) xx