Saturday, 7 November 2015

Purple Harvest Berry Shawl

OK, so I got a bit cocky, (exclamation mark alert and chat of money ahead) I decided to make another berry shawl out of my mum's Rowan leftovers but added another repeat of 16 to make it bigger and I ran out of wool!!! Which is really annoying as the project was to use up wool not buy anymore. 

 When I went to buy one ball online I realised what a bargain I had found in the first place. Originally it was in a half price sale and in a 3 for 2 deal from Hobbycraft last year. I spent £16 and had 6 balls. I now realise it is about £8 a BALL!!

I had to purchase one ball, however as it is a Christmas present, I eventually got over it. 

Many of you asked about the shawl pin I showed on my last shawl. I actually bought it from a charity stand at our local craft fair out of a £1 basket. The lady had a basket of free gifts from the front of knitting magazines amongst other bric a brac and I snapped it up.

If you want to search for one, Knitpro do some lovely ones. I really like this one and am so tempted - if only I hadn't just been cleared out from buying one ball of Rowan wool! In the end I bought this Brittany shawl pin because I wanted to make the postage worthwhile on the one-ball-order from Deramores.

Happy days. Another one for the pressie box though.
Happy weekend, I am going to the stitching show at the NEC on Sunday.
Jo x


  1. Hope you are have had a great time at the show Jo! Your shawl looks beautiful and was well worth the money for the extra ball, especially as a great gift! xx

  2. Lucky people on your Christmas gift list!

  3. Someone will be full of thanks for the lovely gift you have made for them, Jo. It is pretty and my mind boggles at the pattern which I admire but deem as beyond my skill level. I have never used a shawl pin and currently don't have any shawls except for the one I am making, but I think a shawl pin could be a practical investment. xx

  4. I do love violet color, really unique.

  5. Your shawl is lovely. I do hate it when you have to buy another ball to finish a project that initially was about reducing the yarn stash. What a great gift and well done for using your stash .I am trying but failing miserably, the stash keeps getting larger. I often daydream that yarn is banned and I am one of the clever ones who has enough yarn to last a lifetime.hehe

  6. Ouch, I feel your pain. I've yet to find a good local yarn shop so shopping online is how I buy my wool. It's fine if I want a lot of yarn, but factor in the postage costs for one ball and you've got some expensive crafting going on there! x

    1. ps the shawl is gorgeous - well worth splashing out on the yarn to finish it properly. xx