Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Spring, Eggs and Lambs

I've whizzed up some spring coloured yarn ends into a few Easter decorations.

There are some nice patterns on Dinki Dots blog. I had to make my ones with smaller rounds to accommodate the smaller plastic eggs I had but still fun all the same!

I definitely know it is Spring now that I have held a couple of my dad's lambs. He asked if I could walk down the steep hill of the field and bring up a ewe and two lambs he had heard bleating in the dark the night before. I just couldn't see them... but they are there, right in the centre. That is the place she decided to give birth. 

I was surprised to see twins because Hebridean sheep only usually have singles.

 There was a male and a female with the softest fleece and bandiest legs. I carried them up the hill and the ewe followed me. We put them in the sheds for tonight while they are still really young. Dad saw Mr Fox around last night. 

I then set off over the hilly ground once more to look for another one I could hear.

Jo xx


  1. Wow that must be an amazing experience taking care of the lambs!
    I love your little crochet eggs too. A great way to bust those yarn scraps!

  2. Thanks for the link, and glad that you enjoyed the pattern! It's really nice to see what you've made! x

  3. Never a dull moment when you are around Jo. Glad the lambs are ok.

  4. Love that, adding to your many talents that of sheep herder. I'd love to see a new born lamb close up one day, maybe even hold one. Hope you found the other lost sheep. x

  5. Your eggs are so cute. I think you're amazing, a shepherd too! You can do anything, Jo. I've been rewatching the last season of the Great British Baking Show mostly for the little black lambs on the farm. :)

  6. Wish I could have joined you getting those lambs in. Great eggs. CN x

  7. Babies, how fun! I want to have a walk around looking for little lambs, sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

  8. You are such a loving shepherdess! My grand girls gave me pause the other day. They were herding my little stuffed flock of sheep around my living room with a cane. I heard my oldest shepherdess warn the sheep, "Watch out or you will get the hook!" Hmmmmmm...some lessons on kindness are needed, perhaps! xx