Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Candle in a Cup

Continuing on my mission to use up craft materials hiding all around my house, we made some candles in the holidays last week. I found a packet of wicks in the cupboard under the sink, there were old cups and saucers in the play house outside and a bag of candle ends in the cupboard under the stairs.

Little M glued the cups to the saucers along with the wicks to the bottom of the cups. 

She enjoyed bashing up the candle ends in a bag with a rolling pin... obviously. She stirred the bits gently in a metal pan on the gas hob.

We poured the melted wax into the cups with a jug and waited for them to set. She did it so carefully, no drips or dribbles - she is such a perfectionist that child.

Have you ever made candles?
We kept the one to have on the table when we have our dinner.
Bought nothing new, gained three presents and had a lovely afternoon with my little girl. 
Jo xx


  1. That's a great idea, and a perfect job done by your DD!
    I too have been thinking using up craft materials but they just keep adding on

  2. These are beautiful, Jo. I made candles many times, the last ones were stripy because I had lots of different candle ends. I made them in little glasses so that the stripes are visible. Have a look here:
    Happy Wednesday! xx

    1. Shameless self promotion, I just realised!

    2. Not at all it is a good post. Very colourful stripes.

  3. What a delightful afternoon you must have had. Wonder what you're going to call little M soon as she is certainly growing up. Well done Little M and Jo.

  4. Was Harry Potter in the cupboard under the stairs too? Love the candles in the cups, great project.

  5. Such a great project, a fun way to spend quality time together.

  6. Such a great idea Jo. It looks like lots of fun to do as well!

  7. Perfect. I can just imagine how satisfying it was to use up those candle ends and re-purpose them as something lovely. I've never made candles but, like soap making, it's something I've always wanted to try. x

  8. I've melted down the ends of old candles and made new but poured them back in to glass containers they come in. I love these in tea cups but I think I would want to use those lovely cups for tea!!!!