Monday, 13 March 2017

All done #15 Scrappy Jumper

Today's post is running under the theme of 'All done', my posts on using up all of a particular material or resource until it has all gone. This is my 15th such story!

The picture below shows all the bits, plus two full grey balls, left over from my Aftur Fair Isle sweater, which I have barely taken off since it was finished. I really don't want to shove them straight into the craft cupboard to get lost for a year or so therefore I am knitting a childs jumper. I am not sure which child yet until I see how big it is at the end!

I made the front in stripes of five rows of each colour then one green row. I used mostly green in my sweater so I had less of that to spread around. I did not use a pattern as such, I made it up by measuring against a girls jumper while loosely using some bits from a boys jumper pattern. It was thoroughly creative fun.

It did look a bit like a boys jumper (whatever I mean by that??) so I started to jazz it up a bit with a crochet design. Delving into the stash cupboard, I found large holed buttons and some crochet thread. This first round is 4 trebles, 3 chains repeated to make 8 petal holes.

Round two is made with 1dc, 2htr, 2tr, 2htr, 1dc in each hole to make little petals. They were attached on the top of a back stitch stem.

Revealing the overall sweater...

And its new owner...

The yarn is Drops Nepal aran which comprises wool and alpaca so it is super soft. Isn't it funny how two sweaters can look so different with the same colours of wool?

Our Saturday-hair selfie!

And the last few bits were used to work in crochet rounds for a simple beanie hat for my new boy model...


and in situ on Sunday at a Vintage ploughing match watching Grandad but being allowed to have a sit too.

 Drops Nepal All done #15. Thanks for popping in. You like?
Love Jo xxx

I am linking up with Julie over at Sum of their stories for her  Handmade Monday link up. I always find inspirational crafty stuff over there.


  1. Very nice! I like very much. :) Your knitted stripes are awesome, they're so neat and crisp. Those colors are very happy together. Your little boy model is so cute, I love that little face. Beautiful selfie too. :)

  2. Beautifully modelled. Love the colours in the stripes. Wasn't sure if the jumper would suit the girls but it really does. Grandad will have to watch out or he won't get his seat back.

  3. Sooo jealous of that Fergie! Jumper looking great.

  4. I love this jumper! If I were you I'd make you all matching ones!!! X

  5. So sweet. Your little girl looks very pretty in her new jumper. I love the addition of the flowers. It all looks a great combo. Well done for being so creative and clever. You never take the lazy route just using a pattern and so you end up with something uniquely yours and rather special for that.

  6. The jumper looks so cute on your daughter! the flowers give it a nice detail on the bottom. I love how you used the rest of it on some hats for your boys. It is a good idea to use the leftover yarn up sooner than later you are right it is easy to forget about it and not use it.

  7. It is perfect, and those button flowers make a great design. I can't believe you just kind of cast on and went for it. I am a pattern follower, way to much of a control freak to just go for it. I am in awe of you. And Little Miss looks just as happy as can be sitting on that tractor with her new sweater on.

  8. What a brilliant collection of scrap-busting. Your little jumper for your daughter looks fantastic and the addition of the crochet flower buttons is great!

  9. Absolutely fantastic!! Love it :)
    Very well done and the flower buttons it's a brilliant idea

    Luisa xx

  10. I always love to see the way that you use up every bit of everything! Great flowers on the lovely jumper!

  11. What well-chosen colours or lucky matches. I don't envy you sewing in all those ends. But the end result is perfect and it looks strong enough to last for years.

  12. I don't like - I love!
    Well that must have felt really satisfying, getting so many items from one stash of wool. I love the crochet flowers at the finish, just perfect to make it a little more special.

    1. Hi Jo, just to let your lovely jumper is featured at this weeks #handmademonday :-)

  13. Such lovely makes, love the stripy jumper and the flowers finish it of beautifully. :)

  14. I had to follow the link to your Aftur jumper - oh my goodness it's just divine. I have a few shop bought ones in this style but none this lovely. Sweaters like this give me chronic knitter's envy. Anyway, your Scrappy Jumper is gorgeous and the little crochet flowers are a fab idea. Nice work as always, my friend! xx