Friday, 10 March 2017

Can you guess what it is?

I made this, can you guess what it is for?

It is for a man.

It rolls up.

It covers the tops.

There are twelve of them.

Here they all are, now in a nice safe place.

I bought the book and whittling tools for my Bloke this Christmas because he likes woodcraft but once the tool packet was open they kept falling out of the plastic moulding. They are too sharp to have lying around with small crafting children who might be tempted to have a go on a bar of soap or an apple or something!

He has started an envelope opener which now needs to be sanded.
This weekend we will mostly be whittling, knitting, doing homework and painting the girl's bedroom.

Have a good weekend. What are you up to?
 Jo XX

The fabric is from They print bespoke designs digitally straight onto cotton. You can even choose your own design!


  1. I sounds like a blissful weekend for you all. Sam used to do a lot of whistling, he made me flying goose once. Shame he lost all interest and now spends most of his days on the computer. I'll be recovering from a night out and maybe I'll copy my favourite t-shirt onto paper because it is full of holes and needs replacing. x

  2. What a great gift idea. Love his letter opener. Enjoy your crafty weekend.

  3. I have a man or two on my gift list who would love that. Great inspiration,now I just need to get some organised.

  4. What a brilliant idea. Love the fabric and the letter opener is coming along very well. What a crafty household yo are. Have to admit I had a little shudder when you mention Whitling tools and crafty little fingers. The potential for disaster is scary.

  5. That is really nice! great work. I first thought it was for holding knitting needles it is that same idea. I like the pictures on the pouch! nice letter opener so far! hope he enjoyed his gift

  6. It's very smart. I had no idea what it contained until you showed us. Our weekend sounds very similar to yours! xx

  7. You are the best Mum and wife ever. Have a great weekend.