Sunday, 19 March 2017

Knitting Prowess

My knitting prowess is developing. Stranded knitting is so addictive. This took one whole week of evening knitting. 

These fifty-six rows were knitted following a chart from my new favourite book. In February half term on the day of storm Doris we went to a garden centre for an hour or so (our riding day out was cancelled) I bought a knitting book full of images of stormy seas and blowing hair. I thought it would help me use up some odd balls of stash for my pledge this year.

I was so distracted by the awesome photography and designs (and the fact it sounded like the roof was going to blow off) that I did not notice most of the projects were for 4ply yarn. Mmmm, never mind, I can use DK and Aran for the cowls and scarves where size is not crucial. It was a bargain at £4.99 and I immediately shared my book with my friend Mary over at Yurt Furtling and Yarn Tangling. She ordered one too and we kept picking it up and cooing at the pictures over coffee while our brace of girls played together.

I am starting with the wave circle scarf which requires a new technique for me - a provisional cast on. Go Youtube! You cast on, in a strange way, to put your stitches on a spare piece of wool so that they remain live. Then, when you have finished your scarf, you graft them together to make an infinity scarf.

The book has still lived up to its mighty task by encouraging me to use up some donated Beehive 4ply alongside a ball of Drops delight.

The colour runs are a bit long in Drops Delight so I have taken some out of each run to use later in the gloves that go with the scarf. It also means that over 56 rows I get a bit of every colour.

The instructions say follow the 56 rows on the chart and then repeat it seven times!! That's it. But I have to put it down for a while now. This one is a slow burner and I want to continue to enjoy it.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo x


  1. That's really pretty. I love the way the colors create an ombre effect. You're doing great!

  2. Well done. I want to get this book as people say it is lovely, but i have never done colour work and am a bit scared😉 but great idea to break it down into smaller chunks. Xx

  3. Love stranded knitting - book is in my Amazon wish list now. I have a book full of different cast-on and bind-off methods... that's how nerdy I am! I mad a shoulder shrug thing (now lost) that was knitted from the middle out. I'd imagine the Drops Delight works well for colour knitting, it is quite sticky. Can't wait to see your finished object, whenever this may be. xx

    1. You will love it, it is pretty 'northern' in a very Scottish way!!! Jo x

  4. Books like this make me wish I could have the patience to knit. I love the way the colours work in your knitting, the way they fade from one to another is so pretty. This will look so beautiful when it's finished.

  5. Beautiful, Jo, looking forward to seeing it finishes. I've given up hope of busting my yarn stash, I like buying new yarn too darn much :-)

  6. Love the stranded knitting Jo. The couloirs are brill. I am going off the idea of stranded knitting as the more I think about it the more I remember that I hate the strand loops on the back. Have moved my attention to Brioche knitting love the look have no idea how difficult it is but am prepared to give it a try this year. I did wonder whether with provisional cast on instead of using yarn to hold the live stitches you could use a cable with the stoppers. I always have problems releasing the spare yarn from the live stitches. My idea would be to screw the needle onto the cable when ready to reuse the live stitches. Now I may just be rambling now.

  7. I twist my yarn every two stitches so it is not loopy on the back. Essential I have learnt for glove making. X

  8. Well done Jo! I seen to not have this fair isle knitting skill in my genetic make up. I should give it more of a try. That books looks wonderful.

  9. I am in awe. Put the words Nordic, Fair Isle of Faroese against a knitting pattern and I guarantee I'll swoon. This is going to be so good.

  10. I love the way you teach as you learn, Jo! Even if I never try to build all the skills you are building, somehow you help me think I can. xx