Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Knitting for boys

The stash busting is going well so far but there was a huge donation at the Education Centre where I work last month and it was way too much for our manager to even store so staff were encouraged to take some if we were knitters or crocheters - are you kidding? 
I am both. 

I used up one ball of Aran I had left over from this cardigan and mixed it with some grey I thrifted from work in early February to start a little bit of boy knitting. I have a friend of a friend who loves a bit of hand-knitwear for her little boy.

In fact I had quite a haul. Oh dear! this cupboard emptying is so difficult but I have to remember I have not bought anything - promise - so my 2017 pledge still stands. This isn't even all of it!

It turned out jolly nice and I enjoyed the colour change and the cables. The pattern is from Sirdar. I am looking at yarn books in a whole new light. I usually skim over the boys stuff and go straight to the girls patterns so I am discovering many new designs to try.

This was a really enjoyable knit.

These little boy knits are perfect at the moment as my shoulder injury is easing up and I do not want to overdo it on the knit or crochet front so small projects are the way to go. They take about one whole week of evening knitting each.

The little boy needs a larger head gap so I have made this three button shoulder modification for him to get it on and off  comfortably.

Thanks for modelling little fella! 


In conclusion, 4 balls gone but 24 back in the cupboard!!! 
(Witch-like cackling noise ensues) 
Jo x

I am linking up with Thistlebear this week to show my winter knitting projects.


  1. Stash busting without loosing stash - I like it! I always found knitwear for boys difficult. There are so many cool designs for girls and not so many for boys. Love the little boy knits you made, every little man needs some knitwear in my opinion. x

  2. Isn't it strange that half of the world are excluded from full enjoyment of something as enriching as colour and flowers? Special boy palettes being selected just for them. I am glad I got to be a girl and have the full spectrum to enjoy! We might not automatically give newborns pink or blue anymore but still there is gender aligned to colour.

    Very nice pieces of knitting I must say, the cables and textures are lovely. I do think however if I had no 'girly' colours to work with as standard I would not be so keen on knitting as I am. These patterns would easily work for either gender I think.

    As an aside wouldn't it sound rather quaint if girls were called 'little women'? Apart from the book of course, it doesn't seem to have taken off in the same way. 'Little men' however, seems to be quite a standard term.

  3. How lovely to receive free yarn. The little boy knits are great and not too large a project.

  4. Wow Jo win win I'd say. Who cares about the cupboard. The little blue slip over is similar to one I'm knitting for Phil.

  5. Aww they're just the cutest! Isn't you model a little pro! I always loved the boy's patterns, even though by the time I had a boy I was way toobusy to knit..

  6. Very nice! I have three little boys and there is much less choice and quality in shop bought clothes than for girls, but they do look darling in hand knits!

  7. I love to see clothes being modelled. It really brings them to life.

  8. Such a cute vest and sweater! I love the cables you did in the vest, the sweater looks so cozy. Your son is adorable in them both!

  9. They are both so sweet, and it's lovely to see them being modelled too. I made my cousins toddler a little cable waistcoat for Christmas, I love cable on a little boy, i think it's a memory of a cricket jumper my mum knitted for my middle one when he was little.
    Great haul and for nothing too - bonus. Congrats for being strong with the 'no buy' pledge!

  10. Oh my goodness, there really is nothing cuter than a toddler in a hand-knitted jumper or tank top. Just too cute! Beautiful work Jo, as always. xx

  11. You made some lovely sweaters Jo. I was gifted a whole bin of yarn which I promptly drove to the women I donate to. IT will go on to a knitting club that makes so many items for babies and the homeless. I did not even want any of it in my stash. I think it was not near as lovely as what you got. Hugs.

  12. Hi Jo, thanks for joining in with my link party! You're so talented, those sweaters are beautiful and they look great for a little guy. I think you made great use of that yarn.