Friday, 31 March 2017

Sampler Quilt Block 1 - Teeny

The one good thing about hand quilting is that you get hours of time to think about the design for your next one.

You should have seen Little M's face when I gave her big sister the log cabin quilt, she said, 'Is there one for me? 'Of course there is,' I replied, 'it's just bubbling around inside my head at the moment'

Looking up last week from my sewing machine sitting position, I was admiring my shelf revamp using sticky fabric when I spotted the jar on the bottom right. It contains lots of little squares and triangles I put aside when I last had a chop up of my scraps to make the rainbow quilt. There's a starting point there in that jar I thought...

The squares are all 5x5cm. I started to sew them together, you know just for fun, in my usual gung ho attitude to quilting which omits any kind of measuring, planning or preparation.

These 81 squares made a pleasing quilt block measuring 13 x 13". This is my starting point, I may have to cut it down at a later date. I am now going to make some more blocks around this size using different patterns and shapes. Essentially I am going to make my own version of a sampler quilt inspired by kerryberry.

So here it is, Block 1 of Meg's Sampler quilt.

It goes without saying, I am trying to use up stash I already have. I have a few more blocks in my head so I will try and find the right materials in that oh so surprising craft cupboard.

Any other ideas you think I could try for blocks?

Jo xxxx


  1. Looks good so far Jo. Meg will be thrilled. Great idea using the sticky fabric under the shelving unit makes it look so pretty. Just to say how neat and tidy the crafting/sewing shelves look. My craft space is shocking.

  2. Delightful! I can see another block with slightly bigger squares next to it, and maybe one with half square triangles, teeny tiny ones. Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. On my, if only we lived nearer each other it would not be so telepathic. I have made both of these you have suggested this week after I prepped the post!

  3. This is so pretty! I love your craft shelves with the sticky fabric - such a lovely idea.

  4. Loving those pinks and blues, it makes me want to have a go, don't think I'm that good though.

  5. After seeing so many pictures of complex quilts over the years I have come to dislike them. My preference is for basic squares, randomly placed. They are the simplest kind of quilt yes, but to me the most aesthetically pleasing. I find precise geometrics very hard to look at. I did love your log cabin and enjoy Alicia Paulson's simple but beautiful quilts which are usually kept simple too. I really liked the vintage sheet quilts that people made a few years ago, usually just cutting out simple squares. Hexagons or triangles are nice if there aren't complex repeating patterns in the overall design. I find complex shapes detract from the fabrics.

  6. Little Sis needs a quilt that is just the truth. Love that she wants one and that you are gung ho to make it. Hugs.

  7. You do inspire me, Jo! I like patchwork quilts the best, I think, although I admire the amazing patterns I have seen others put together...anyway, I love seeing your work! Thanks for sharing. xx