Friday, 12 February 2016

Replica #2

Big Sis saw my replica blouse and asked if I could do the same for her because her favourite blouse was now too small. So here is her new one.

Her old one had a faux placket detail which I did on this one with three daisies from the trim I added to the hem. It looked a bit 'stuck on' so I added clear buttons on top and she loved that part.

The fabric is white and the trim is cream which I thought might bother me but it was just so darn pretty I didn't care.

I bought this pattern ages ago and have used it many times. It is too small for her now so I sized it up to fit a skinny eight year old. It's so easy to make either as a dress or a top - I highly recommend it as a download pattern.

One more item for the summer box under her bed. 
Bit too chilly for modelling right now wouldn't you say? 

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Soooooo cute!!!
    Happy days

  2. The blouse is sweet. I have made a couple of Pollys (on your recommendation actually) and love the pattern. I have now started using women's patterns for my girl because she has become rather shapely lately. Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. Have a great weekend. x

    1. Really, you made one? isn't it a great pattern? Thanks for dropping by. x

  3. Oh lovely, the fake placket looks great. Great summer top.

  4. You are awesome, that is such a lovely blouse, your little one is going to be thrilled.

  5. The white and cream combination looks just right to me, and I can imagine Big Sis enjoying modeling the blouse when the weather warms. Happy Valentine's Day, Jo :) xx

  6. It is so pretty! I love the fabric and the trim and the buttons!! Happy Valentines! xx

  7. It is really gorgeous and she gets to wear her favorite blouse for a little longer!