Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yarn choice

The light is not much better today here in Shropshire, a bit misty and damp. But as promised here is my yarn choice for the funky vest.

I bought this Debbie Bliss eco Aran to make a jumper from one of my favourite books knit two together but it was not lofty enough and would have been too heavy so it was sat in the basket waiting patiently. My vest is obviously going to be a bit chunkier and more tonal with green rather than the beautiful riot of colour in the original but I just don't have that much left over stash at the moment (I will show you why in another post)or the cash to in'vest' in a pile of colours.

The yarn works up well with a 5mm hook and is super fast.

The pattern has a rather comical translation - it asks you to make a cluster in a 'mussel' I thought my crochet reading was OK but this really quizzed me so I went back to ravelry and went to the details and the designer has made a translation errata saying 'when I say mussel I mean shell!' The pattern is generally hard to follow but I guess as long as you keep going round in circles in pretty patterns it doesn't matter too much so there is a lot of improv going on.

Might scive domestic duties today and crack on with some more. See you later. Jo xx


  1. OOh what beautiful colours Jo - remind me of lavender...
    Love the comment about the mussels too!
    Shame about the weather - we are shrouded in Midland mist after a lovely sunny day yesterday.
    Hope you do invest some happy time with your hook!

  2. Just 'discovered' your blog via a link, lovely crochet, I am currently slowly re-learning crochet but making slow progress!

    1. Thanks for tuning in, call in anytime. Jo xx