Friday, 15 March 2013

Under the sofa

In my desperation to find a project to get stuck into, I dragged out a load of stuff from under the sofa to see if I could find some lovely yarn, maybe somebody hid some there in the night or something, I thought!

I found this:
Big Sis chose it to have a stripy hat, handbag and scarf which matched her coat. There was enough to make Little M a set too. On Wednesday I found the left overs Yay!

I checked out my children's pattern books and found this:

I love Sirdar pattern books for children, they are so modern and wearable, in the five years I have been knitting the children clothes they have never refused to wear any of it (I guess that might come as they get older) but I think it is because they are such good patterns. When I asked Little M "Do you like this?" She said "Yes, because I want hair like that!" I wasn't asking her if she wanted a makeover - just if I should embark on knitting the jumper! Funny...

So I have started. She is three and a half but absolutely tiny so I am doing age 1-2 as I am quite a loose knitter too. I am even managing to remember to twist the yarn up the side for the colour changes and it is quite a relaxing knit. So, so far so good.

I really appreciate my new followers and hope you continue to enjoy looking at what I make everyday. Jo x


  1. Looks great, pretty colours!
    Love the comment about the hair - that sort of thing happens all the time in our house!

  2. Just found your blog and looking forward to seeing all your 'makes'. xxx

  3. love that stripy jumper! I am so jealous that you can knit, I must learn!

  4. It is a really relaxing way to unwind. Take it up, stripes are easy! Thanks for dropping by Jo x