Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emergency Crochet

Keeping track of what the girls need to take to school or nursery feels like a full time job and I try super hard to be organised but today I forgot that Big Sis needed to take in a decorated hard boiled egg for an egg rolling competition.

I went home and immediately started a creation with Little M to take into school later on. I did look online for a pattern but if I am honest I just kept going until it looked OK. It does look OK until...... turn it over.

Little M coloured in the egg with felt pens, then we rustled up some eye stickers and ended up with a granny-in-a-headscarf affair. Still cute though! In terms of egg rolling, I thought she may be disqualified for protecting the egg but she won and was really pleased with her chocolate egg prize. The things mums do eh?

Some of you who have been tuning in may have noticed the stripy background which is a nearly complete hoody jumper for Little M. It would have been a finished item if I had not spent the morning crocheting an egg cover in an attempt to look like an organised mum! So you will have to wait a little longer.

Well an eggs-trordinary day all in all!! Chat soon. Jo x


  1. how very ingenious of you - I love the egg!

    also love the stripy jumper - what pattern book is it from?

    Nikki x

  2. The jumper is from Sirdar Lazy Days and Holidays so I am afraid it is not a free pattern but it is hard to put together, the sewing 'seems' endless! Jo xx

  3. \that is the sweetest thing....makes my wreath look totally overworked lol!!!!!!!!!!!