Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tragic to tremendous

I sit at the computer everyday and stare at this tragedy:

It is made from beer mats covered in paper and laced together with ribbon. It was lovely when I made it at a scrapbooking class four years ago but it has worn out and fell to pieces.

So on my quest for quick and easy crochet projects for beginners I made this in 1 hour:

Much easier on the eye and just as useful. I am going to make another one for hooks like this:

I will jot down a tutorial on the next one for anyone needing to know sizes but you really just measure as you go.

I am exploring the blog layout a bit more now and have finally worked out how to add a subscribers list Duh! So why not give it a click and keep up with what is being created at Three Stroies High. Chat soon. Jo xx


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