Monday, 25 March 2013

Mollie Makes Crochet

I can dream can't I?
Look, despite the weather I can still dream about wearing a light weight mac and spring scarf can't I? My friend showed me this in Mollie Makes this month issue 25 and I am going to have a go after the stripy jumper is finished. On the hoody bit now so not long.

I will need to go and have a look under that magic sofa and see what wool I can find!
Happy Monday. Jo x


  1. Hi Jo. I realise this is a bit random as this post is a couple of years old. Did you make this scarf? I'm trying to make it now and had a question, I wasn't sure if perhaps you could help.

  2. I did make this scarf and I remember that one round was particularly difficult to do. My email is Can't promise anything but maybe I can help. Jo x