Saturday, 2 March 2013

My new favourite

I have finished a pullover in crochet last week. It is made from Rowan Aran which I bought in a closing down sale (tried to find a link but I can't find this yarn anywhere now) I had knitted it into a cardigan but the size was enormous. It was when I first started knitting items for myself and I always knit a size that was too big to stay in the comfy zone so I threw it behind the sofa where it has languished for 2 years.

One of my new years resolutions was to clear out under the sofas and I found it, got over it, and frogged it with my mum at a Playbarn while Little M played on the slide. We did get some funny looks!

I thought that £50 worth of wool should be on my back in some way shape or form rather than screwed up under the sofa with ill feeling.

It was very wiggly and a knit and natter friend told be how to skein it up and wash it but I just couldn't summon the effort so I went for a crochet swatch and realised that because crochet is based on twisting yarn this would be fine.

Now, let me warn you this photo is taken by a 3 and a half year old while I am telling her how to use a camera so 'bear with' (as Miranda would say!)

It is a basic box jumper shape made up with rows of trebles. It almost made itself.

I made up a shell edge border for the sleeves and the bottom hem which finished it off well. The corsage was a gift but a great colour match. It is my new favourite jumper - they all are until I wash them!

Talking of washing, I expect people will want some school uniform and underwear for next week so better go and get some done. Bye for now. Jo xx

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  1. OOh Jo your jumper looks super comfy!