Saturday 30 March 2013

A can of worms.

Does anyone else work in a craft space like this or is it just me??

Glue, off cuts, rubbish, stickers, pens etc.

Inks, stamps, ribbon, flowers, stuff etc.

Jewels, eyelets, scalpal, glue syringe, brads etc. and that's not even going under the desk!

I sort of get used to working in this carnage but just recently, maybe since I have been blogging and spending more time in the office, sitting in here has become quite depressing.You see so many images of graceful rooms and creative craft spaces but in reality, I have a cubby hole under the stairs on the first floor where I am allowed to make as much mess as I like!

I opened a can of worms today and took everything out of the 2m x 3m office to wipe the filthy, dusty bench down. Just to clean it you understand. It all got a bit scary when it looked like this dumped on the lounge floor:

Cripes! What had I done? I washed the bench then painted it, which was a bit silly really because then I could not put anything back on to wet gloss. So I painted the walls as well while I was in the full pain of it.

I then had a complete craft clear out and threw away two huge bags of paper bits - and I mean bits, tiny, tiny pieces What was I  saving those for! I threw away packaging from allsorts of craft stash. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking at craft groups but since having the children I have not been so I emptied a full wheelie trolley and a craft bag for crafting on the move - mmmm! where shall I put all this stuff now?

Bloke put me up another shelf so I managed to make a dent in the pile. He's a good bloke you know.

I already had the boxes and jars but the boxes were virtually empty so I sorted stuff into piles and boxed it away but still within easy reach. Then as Big Sis was at a Birthday party and Little M with top dad hit the park, I whizzed up this:

I have enough to make a roman blind and a pinboard too but really that is another day! It is a bit bumpy but for the first time since I was 16 I sewed something without swearing. The sewing machine always brings out the worst in me - knotty birds nests, broken needles, sewing fabric on the wrong side (anyone else!!) so I was astounded that in 45mins I managed to whizz this together without any problem. As I sorted through more stuff I found half a card I was trying to make which got swept out in the morning frenzy. I enjoyed finishing it off on a clear workbench.
I am sitting here now typing away in a very clutter free space with plenty of room to put my elbows and my feet. I have realised I have written a much bigger post today - it must be the headspace I am feeling, that or the paint fumes!
GMT clocks forward tonight so lovely light nights for me to get alotment fever next.
Chat soon Jo xx


  1. What fun! I love your craft space and can imagine you and yours making all sorts of wonderful projects. I'm so glad you decided to blog and look forward to visiting your posts.

  2. I know the feeling. You did a fantastic job. Can't wait until I get to the stage where everything is in the right place... Thanks for popping by and leaving a link. Good to know I'm not alone and get some encouragement to keep going.
    My Rose Valley