Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Today and last night I made a recorder case for 'Big Sis' she is sister to 'Little M', she is five and has wanted to join recorder club for quite some time. The case that came with the recorder broke in the first five minutes so here is a woolly wonder made from bits if cotton DK including the red from her school cardigan (Patons Smoothie) I love this yarn, I will muse about that later so here it is...

I did take pictures as I went along so maybe I can write a simple little tutorial with hook size and stitch counts on.

So lots more of that lovely tuneful practise to come then... AAAGHH!

Jo xxx

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  1. Oh I like this Jo! I have several Native American flutes and although I have made covers in leather and fleecy, the idea to crochet bags for them hadn't occurred to me - till now! The list of 'want to's' is getting longer by the minute. Many thanks for the inspiration! Joy