Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sunshine Flowers

Everyone has such lovely pictures of their spring flowers on the crafty blogs at moment, the sunshine has really lifted everyones spirits and photograph conditions.

As I sat knitting a new jumper project (more later) I watched the sun behind my orchid. We live in a three story house where my sitting room is on the second level so light pours in because we are high enough up to avoid any shadows from other houses.

I don't know what sort it is. My friend gave it to me for my birthday in January and I am really proud of myself for keeping it alive and the buds that were on it have come out over the last four weeks so I must be doing something right.

Beautiful colours, patterns and shapes.

After this little photographic interlude I got back to my knitting. It is a jumper for me from a book called Knit two together I bought the book in 'The Works'- I always like a good poke around in that shop.It called for a yarn I could not find and many forums later, turns out to be a yarn hardly anyone else could find either unless you lived in Australia. So I plumped for King Cole Twist Aran from Black sheep Wool I did a tension square (Shock horror, I never do that) and it was fine on 5 mm needles. Here is the colourway, it is a bit out there and could possibly clash with my orchid if I wore it in the same room..

See how warm my kntting space looks on the end of the sofa? It is so warm there in the day when I have a sneaky half hour to myself while watching balamory DVDs with Little M.

So thats the yarn, more on the pattern tomorrow. Enjoy this brilliant weather and get out there, anywhere, but soak it up! Jo xx

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