Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Christmas in February

I have finished the Christmas wreath I started two weeks ago this morning. As soon as I saw this on attic 24 in December I had to send the picture to someone. I sent it to my best friend Lisa and she sent a reply saying 'this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.' I saw her on the school run the next morning and I said 'don't get excited I have not made you one, I have run out of time.' She replied 'you've got all of next year though!'

It felt so exciting to be making something that you know the person will love.

So yesterday I blocked the elements:

Had a little fiddle around with the layout (twice!)

I tried covering all around the ring but felt a bit disappointed that I was covering all of those lovely stripes so I went for a big cluster and an accent cluster.

After reading Lucy's post and anguish about sewing it all on I decided to get out the glue gun (sooo lazy!)

Are you ready...

I love it and don't know how I am going to keep it under wraps for 10 more months.

Because I glued the buttons on, I tied ribbon through the centres to finish them off.
Thanks for the inspiration as ever attic 24. Would love to hear your comments. Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo, I love your wreath and your drawing....yours looks more like a painting....I'm scared to add any water to mine :0)
    I really like your picture ....the fishermen are a lovely detail and the trees are great. I'd like to see more of your work, could you add a follow gadget to your side bar ?
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks. I haven't got much to show as I give them away but I will root out a few more pictures. Have I made the followers gadget bar correctly?

  2. The wreath is lovely...I know what you mean about covering the stripes, I found that hard too!
    Am about to embark on an Easter version, am ridiculously excited about crocheting daffodils!
    Lovely to visit with you