Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Look at these

Please pop over to Cherry Heart and look at this blog, it is fantastic. There are lots of inspirational photographs and some great tutorials. My favourite is this:

I am all out of scraps at the moment but when I have accumulated some more these are at the top of my hit list. I have put them in my favourites on ravelry.
Happy Wednesday! Jo xx


  1. thanks for the link to these - they are gorgeous!

  2. Just found your blog - I've got the wrist warmers on my to do list as well, unfortunately the list is very long. So many things I want to do x

  3. Hello, I'm a newbie too, isn't it fun talking to the world, I had a pageview from Belarus last week...British Cycling Team? Love those gloves. Eco Ethel xx

  4. I was recently commissioned to make 2 pairs of these. at first I didn't really like them but by the time iw as almost done with the 1st of 4 gloves, I was in love.