Friday, 22 February 2013

Last day

It is the last day of the holidays (for those whose lives revolve around half term UK holidays) and it was super cold. We visited friends and a local market to collect crafty bits and the girls spent some Christmas money on the dolls house stall.

I have blocked this:

What is it? I hear you ask - well tomorrow I have the whole afternoon to myself to indulge in one of my other hobbies - Belly dance. I am attending a Tribal belly dance workshop and this is a hip scarf to tie around my waist and shake my stuff! just the tassles to go now and then it is ready for tomorrow. The pattern is on ravelry (not free) so you need to be quite keen to pay for it but it was really easy to follow and I did it in a black velvet chenille. The pattern is here. The designer has done matching tribal armlets and a bra top thing too.

This morning I also finished a quick chick flick read called 'Divas don't knit' by Gil Mcneil which was a light frothy read - any book that can throw in the words Rowan, pom poms and tea cosy gets my vote. I have ordered the sequel and await it's arrival. I can't quite manage the read and knit/crochet manoeuvre at the same time that others have mastered (cozy things)but I can but persevere.

Have a lovely weekend. More on the dancing if I remember to take my camera. Jo xx

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  1. Oh, I think I crocheted the same hip scarf... but where did I put it??? Anyway, I found your blog through Pinterest. Lovely and fun!