Saturday, 9 February 2013


My first post on a brand new blog that I have been promising myself I will do for so long. I make something everyday: baking, cooking, a card, a scrapbook page, knitting, sewing or recycling something or other. Sometimes I make people laugh and somedays I don't but it is all part of what I do everyday

Today I finished quite a few 'works in progress' (WIPS). Some were more successful than others. I finished a little patch/scrap work cushion...

The first cushion is from the kit that comes with the book
Cath Kidston 'Patch'that my lovely friend bought me for my birthday and the second one is the one I completed today by not throwing away a single scrap of the free fabric.
The lighting is apalling but what did I expect starting my first ever blog post at 8pm in the evening and realising I had not taken any photos...
Now the next project is a bit more scary.....

It is a blooming flower cushion from the brilliant blog attic 24 However, I don't think I did it justice in the pink palette. I did it solely to use up a stash bundle of baby wool somebody gave me but it is either really kitsch or really foul and I can't decide which!! It can live in our house on the spare bed for a while until I make a final decision.

So thanks for looking at my first ever post. You can find more out about me and what I do by tuning in another day.

Have a good weekend xxx


  1. great job! what a lovely way to use up all the fabric, i've hung onto all the tiny bits too - might have to do something similar

    1. I used 'hem it' interfacing stuff to hold it all still while I zigzagged on the machine then cut out the hearts. You are my very first Blog visitor - Thanks.