Friday, 15 February 2013

Cooking day

This morning I have been very busy trying to get ahead of myself for the half term week. So Little M and I made cake mixture and turned it into three things but they were really just different shaped cakes. Lemon squares, butterfly buns and jam upside down puddlings to serve with warm custard. I also went all out and made a bolognese sauce and a chilli. Phew! very busy but at least the house is warm now.

She is three but we have cooked so long together now that she is actually quite useful rather than making the task take longer.
Her icing choice was a bit creepy but they are butterflies with beady eyes I was told so I am sure they will be fine.
The weather has really perked up here so we are going out for a walk to make way for some calories when we eat these beauties.
Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to...Jo xxx

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