Monday, 28 December 2020

 Our December celebrations revolved mostly in the making and consuming of food, that and enjoying our first Christmas in our new house.

Collecting - holly from a very heavily berried tree in the long field.

Singing - carols outdoors at the Christmas eve Carol Service conducted in the graveyard. 

Loving - our family tradition of having a cheese fondue on Christmas Eve. The children get so excited about it!

Lavishing - ourselves with a chocolate and raspberry roulade made by the big girl.

Laying - the table for Christmas Dinner. I love getting out my grandmas cutlery set especially for the occasion.

Enjoying - the longevity of these red carnations. In fact, the first lot of holly faded and this is the second batch but the flowers have soldiered on for 10 days.

Indulging - in hot chocolate spoons for stirring into hot milk. Meg loved making these inspired by Mamas Mercantile blog.

Gifting - a Christmas cake to my in laws in lieu of normal Christmas shopping. I made the cake in November and the girls loved decorating it for them.

Giving - the house a good tidy up after the deluge of paper and gifts.

Making - tiny snowman. Just when I thought, "What on earth are we going to do with these next few empty days?" - it snowed.

Feeling - blessed with the sunset to the end a wonderful Christmas in our new home.

I know Christmas has not been ideal for some families but for us, we are all safe, healthy and together.

Here's hoping you found some joy somewhere too.

Jo xxxxx


  1. Lovely photos of happy times and family traditions. I’m very envious of your snow :) B x

  2. Mmm chocolate roulade looks so good! Happy Christmas to you and your family, Jillxo

  3. Safe and healthy... beautiful words! I hope your holidays were extra good, you seem to have all your priorities right and a wonderful sense of NOW. I love the photos and the writings, they are an enjoyable interlude in my day!

  4. Dear Jo
    I'm pleased you enjoyed your first Christmas in your new home. Here is to a better year for everyone.
    Best wishes

  5. It looks lovely. I found Christmas this year to be my most relaxed for years, the actual day and Boxing day were just lovely and certainly simplifying Christmas for us was a good idea. Happy new year, may your year bring peace and joy. x

  6. First Christmas in your new home and it all looks so lovely, dear Jo.

  7. The views from your dining table!!!! Christmas in your home sounds wonderful and happy.

    Happy New Year to you all xx

  8. Looks like you had a lovely family time at Christmas both inside and out. Yummy chocolate roulade. What talented girls you have Jo.
    Happy New Year to you all xx