Wednesday, 16 December 2020

All Done Scheepjes Knitting #32

Another All Done post today but intentionally so. My All Done posts normally show how I have used up a craft resource to its very end over a long period of time however...

During November when I thought that not one interesting shop would be open before Christmas I put my big girl pants on and decided to make absolutely everything for Christmas. It lasted about three weeks and then the shops by us reopened. Thankfully, I gave my red hot knitting needles a break. I bought two 100g balls of Scheepjes yarn in a manly colourway to knock out some comforting gifts. 

The first pattern I tried was free on ravelry. A neck snood for my brother. He has copious amounts of thick long hair so he never wears a hat - in fact we have the same hairstyle! The pattern makes a super stretchy snood in a fisherman's rib pattern.

The yarn is made up of 40% polyamide, 40% Acrylic and 20% wool meaning that it was beautifully soft without being itchy. The snood used up one ball which was a decent depth. 

Next up I found a pattern in my Ravelry library saving it from a facebook link when it was released in September. I thought it looked perfect for another gentlemanly gift item. 

I did stop a little shorter than the pattern suggested because I wanted the last bit of yarn for a boys hat but it was a generous original size leaving me with ample depth for a teenage boy snood. I really recommend this pattern if you like stranded work.

Lastly to eek out the last of the yarn I paired it with some plain grey acrylic and just kept knitting stripes until the yarn ran out. This hat is for a 2/3 year old and was a good size.

All Done - 200g, £8, three gifts - Nailed it!

Are you still making? Thanks for stopping by. Jo xxxx


  1. Both you hat and snoods look wonderful. I’m sure they will be much appreciated by your menfolk. B x

  2. I do love your All Done posts. It's so satisfying to have nothing left over. Thank you for the inspiration for "manly gifts". xx

  3. That was three very impressive gifts. May not of cost a lot but made with love and that is what matters.