Saturday, 5 December 2020

All Done Beautiful Crepe #31

 It is time for an All Done post sharing how I have used up a piece of fabric to the very end. It is something I take great pleasure out of. This obsession means I can play around with tried and tested patterns without looking like all of my clothes are the same while reducing the amount of waste fabric I generate.

It also means favourite fabrics can be used for both Summer and Winter which was what today was all about.

During lockdown I received a bag of fabric scraps from my friend Michelle who had undertaken a clear out and this piece of fabric stood out as my favourite piece in the whole lot. 

I made a sun top from it and saved one last piece from the bin with this Linden top in mind.

There was just enough to cut the front piece and make the rest of out of stretch jersey. Now I can wear this wonderful fabric all year round. I must say the Linden Sweatshirt top is one of my most used patterns especially now that my older daughter can use size 8 from the pattern while I use size 12.

The back, sleeves, cuffs and neckbands are all in navy which compliments the patterned crepe really well.

I am super pleased with my new top. Do you have a lovely piece of fabric or skein of wool you are saving for a special project?

All done beautiful crepe. Jo xx


  1. I love the fabric too. It works really well with the blue jersey. Well done. It’s one of my things to try and do more next year. It’s getting the right patterns but that pattern looks great. B x

  2. Brilliant! I love that fabric too. I made a summer dress in it, though mine is jersey but the same print and with the piece I had left I made a baseball t shirt in three different fabrics too use up the last bit. I also have some pj shorts in it! Any bits I can't use in clothes always go in a bag. x

  3. What a great use of a small piece of fabric. It looks great on you Jo x

  4. That is so lovely. It really shows that sometimes you have to move things on because someone will see gold when you just can't. Mx

  5. The fabric is so lovely and you show how just a small piece of it can make a stunning top.

  6. Clever use of your material, Jo! I love your way of conservation. xx