Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yarn Musings

Being able to knit and crochet is a skill which I didn't used to hold in very high esteem. I thought everyone did it or could do it. If you are a female in my family, then someone has taught and shared with you these skills. I thought that happened in every family. It has yet to have filtered to the males in my family!  

Running towards the end of my 2017 stash diet however, I am also finding it to be a bit of a curse. It runs so deep in my personality to make something out of nothing that I am finding it hard to let go of the poor stash and treat myself to using the great yarn I have been lovingly gifted by true friends or have chosen myself.

I think it comes from putting others first. I often do all the housework, jobs, post, girl's tasks and home chores thinking that when that is all over I will have some craft time but very often I end up with the scraggy end of the day. I do the same with yarn. 'lets just use this up', 'when this has gone I will use the nice wool', 'I will just make way for something better later' There is no one to blame but myself you understand.

Take this yarn for example it was all given to me in an unwanted carrier bag of wool. I have felt so compelled to use it. 

I have tried a colour work cardigan for myself. Frogged.

I tried to knit a stripy jumper for myself. Frogged. Therefore, all in all, I have come to the conclusion that really I would not like to wear this wool as a garment.This little lot will one day be destined for a crochet picnic blanket but for now it needs to hibernate in the drawer under the spare room bed to make way for the stars of the show

I have nice yarn, soft yarn, yarn in beautiful colours all waiting in my cupboard upstairs. are my top favourites:

For a rare moment all knitting and crochet receptacles are empty. My needles are all back in their cosy beds. Nothing is on the go, nothing needs my attention or fixing and I am living the exciting moment that is the anticipation of choosing to knit or crochet something amazing with wonderful yarn. 

Snow is predicted so I can really enjoy choosing my next yarny project over the next few days.
I am living in the moment folks and it feels fantastic!

Any thoughts. Do you do the same?
Jo xxx


  1. Woo hoo lovely yarn fabulous colours and empty WIP baskets. Oh the thrill of anticipating the next project. Only yarnies can get excited about such things. I too was taught at an early age to knit it’s a skill that you don’t lose even if you don’t use it for a while.

  2. I always say I'm going to make beautiful things for myself, and buy good yarn to do so, but I never get around to it. I think I actually get much more pleasure from making things for my whole family to enjoy, like blankets, that I would rather do that instead, even though I'm using less-nice yarn for them. For me, it's all about what gives me the enjoyment and relaxation. I hope to get over it someday, because it would be nice to branch out, but it's okay for now. Isn't it exciting to be finished and ready for a new project? That is a great feeling. I hope you find the perfect thing to work on.

  3. I found myself with empty needles on Tuesday so grabbed a ball of Aran and set to with my go to hat pattern, it now has a prototype Christmas tree pattern and is finished. I am about to cast on and do the pattern in colour work, I do have some Elf slippers started but they will be for this time next year.. Not so much forward planning as falling down a rabbit hole on spotting a pattern. My Christmas Eve cast on will be for me, socks and a shawl.

  4. ha ha , if I didn't know better, I would have said that post had been written by me! always doing everything else before getting the scraggy end of the day for crochet and always feeling I need to use up scraps, before the good stuff. go on make something nice for deserve it.

  5. I complete understand this way of thinking! I've always been the same, and I have such a loathing of waste. I'm always trying to use things up, even if I'm not keen on them, just so I don't waste anything. I've tried to be different more recently - use the best things and the nicest things, rather saving them till last, and never quite getting to them - life is too short not too, I guess!

    I see that yarn you mentioned that is like the yarn I'm knitting my shawl from - pick that first, it's beautiful!! :)

  6. I have a stash of beautiful yarns I bought to make beautiful sweaters and scarves for myself. But I'm afraid to use them! So instead, I knit myself a sweater using the cheapest Walmart yarn I could find as a sort of tester to make all my mistakes on the inexpensive stuff, and once I know what I'm doing, I can use the nice stuff, right? Sigh.

  7. I would pick that top picture of yarn as my favourite, as I love those colours together that you have knitted up and it is colour and texture that draws me to knitting and crochet. Also liking the colourful yarn with orange and yellow in it.

    I don't have a stash really and not much of a budget, so most of my knitting is with budget yarn with the occasional gifted 'posh' ball. They all get the same treatment and usually they are small things I make as I find all yarn pretty expensive to buy in bigger 'sweater' amounts. I work hard and take my time with nice stitch patterns etc, so the yarn is not so important, so long as I have something pretty to be getting on with, while improving my skills. Mostly I knit for me so I don't feel I get left out. I tend to make things I need, like mittens, hats, cowls etc.

    I did a lot of sewing when my daughter was young, lots of lovely things for her including party dresses, which I loved to make. As long as it was something for her, it felt just as good as making it for myself. Other people not so much, but to be honest I mainly make for myself now and so I don't feel like I am bottom of the pile as regards that. I used to sew for myself too but it became too expensive. I don't have such an interest in clothes now so I don't mind really.

    I don't mind how expensive or cheap the yarn is so long as I like the colour, I am happy. I haven't found much in charity shops even though I look.

    1. I think you are right, great things can be made from yarn that isn't expensive but I do have some nice yarn given as gifts and I just need to give myself permission to use it!

  8. YAY! fr using your lovely quality yarn!

  9. I don't have much stash that I don't like because I am usually buying for myself. Most of my terrestrial friends are not crafty (I wonder how that can be!) so there is not much stash to go around either. You should definitely allow yourself to use your nice yarn, you deserve it. I had my granny's stash, which I mostly donated to schools and charities, and the puppet theatre (to make puppet hair and outfit). Are you going to continue your stash diet? I am using up blanket yarn, making a floor cushion cover from it. I was thinking today that I would like to knit a cardigan next year. I like feeling the buzz of a new project! Have a lovely and homely weekend. Maybe your project baskets will start to fill :-) xxx

  10. Stash diet over in 3 weeks! I am go8ng to cast something on tonight. X

  11. I too was knitting at an early age.I now am a crochet addict.Love all your yarn.I must use up all my yarn stash,there is so much of it.I did start to make blankets for Battersea dogs n cats home.xx

  12. I have been knitting forever and crocheting a bit less than that. This is what I think and I have said it many times. Life is to short to use cheap yarn or yarn you are not in love with. Why waste the time? Move the yarn along to those in need and use the beautiful yarn that you have to make something spectacular. You work hard, you are a devoted to your family, splurge on yourself. It not only makes a great project but it is therapy, too!