Friday, 8 December 2017

A Little Festive Hand Sewing

Last night I made these tree decorations from a piece of pre-printed fabric that I was kindly given. Being the scrooge I am, I didn't make them back to back with the printable, I used a candy stripe backing to make double the amount of hangings.

Today is a snow day. I am working from home. I walked the girls to school in driving snow with the dog half a mile there and half a mile back. I got my work done in super quick time without office distractions. This is us at 9:10, we were late but there you are.

My sewing will make perfect secret santa gifts (probably not that secret now I come to think of it!) and teacher/student gifts. 

I also made some cards and wrote some ready for posting. I have to make the school walk again later so I will post them on the way.

It is lunchtime and still snowing.

I like snow days. I have very low expectations of myself on these days and slip into a state of ease and flexibility which is so much slower than my normal pace of life. Because it is all so temporary, I allow myself to glissade through a different day.

Uh oh, text from school - a request to pick up your children early. Aw! and I didn't even get my sewing machine turned on!

Hope you are safe wherever you are. Jo xxxx


  1. No snow here just cold. Maybe a5 the weekend. Looks like a Christmas card when it first snows, soon looks mucky though. The baubles are lovely. Stay safe.

  2. Lovely sewing, getting in the Christmas mood. I don't work Fridays but there was only a light dusting here, just as well because it is our Christmas work night out tonight and I have been worrying it would be snowed off! Take care. x

  3. We had a hail storm and a flurry of snow,all gone in a flash though. I do just the same with that sort of fabric, all the wall hangings have plain backs and the bunting has leftover curtain lining for backing.

  4. love your lil creations.great snowy photos,soooo pretty and nice to see your lil dog,how's it going with him? we have had loads of Hail storms ( usually when I'm on a dog walk lol ) and it's ffffreeeeezing,but no snow.Take care keep snugly.xx

  5. Well I love snow days too, but we aren't getting any here in Florida. Now Hurricane days are not so much fun, we had a week of those this year. Love your sewing. Looking out the window and staying cozy in your home sounds ideal, well except that early dismissal.