Monday, 11 December 2017

Blue Skies & Crochet

Snow has well and truly hit Shropshire this weekend. School and my workplace are closed today but I must confess to enjoying the snow just a little bit.

It gave us a chance to go sledging but we cracked our sledge. It turns out this one is not built for 10 stone women! 

We went early to the meadow by us before anyone else and the sunlight was magical. The girls can see the meadow from their three storey high bedroom window so they were itching to go from the moment they drew the curtains.

I think the garden is going to take a bashing once it all melts. The weight of the snow is probably crushing our plants as we speak.

In other blue news, this weekend has given me lots of time to make my last Christmas present; the Meg shawl which has been lounging in my Ravelry Library unmade for quite a while.

It has been fun but boy those ends were tiresome. Each circle and flower and ring and joining string - Te-di-ous!

I used a rather nice free printable to wrap it up from here

Finally, another snow landscape because they are beautiful aren't they? We live on the top of the hill, we are so lucky to have this as our view.

Thanks for looking. Jo xxxxx


  1. Staring out at a wet, windy, cold day but you pics have cheered me up (sorry about the sledge!). Your Meg shawl is so pretty and the lovely paper wrap really makes a lovely finished present.

  2. Your meg shawl is so pretty! The little danglies look fun as they hang down, they finish it off nicely. Worth the tedium? I loved looking at your snowy pics. We enjoyed some good snow over the weekend :)

  3. Your shawl is lovely! It’s very pretty and will make a wonderful present. I’m so jealous of your snow!

  4. Look at that snow! How beautiful. I'm glad you had a chance to go out and play. The shawl is adorable, I love the dangly bits but I can see how much work must have gone into them. The free printable is such a good idea, I'm going to bookmark it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sorry about all of those ends! It is a beautiful shade of blue though and I hope that the recipient will enjoy it.

  6. You lucky woman! I love snow. Everything is frozen solid here but not a whiff of snow.
    Your shawl is pretty and wonderfully playful - a great gift. x

  7. I love all the little details on the end, it will cheer up any winter coat. Someone has a lovely gift coming. I must be showing my age because as the first bit of snow fell I thought great it's going to a right pain trying to get to work! It's great if you don't have to get anywhere too far away. x

  8. WOW,love your Snowy Christmas Card like photos,you look so happy.That Shawl is just Awesome.x

  9. A snow day! Wow, I miss those. We are all sunny and warmish here, well cool for us but warm for the rest of the world. I am in LOVE with the scarf. I have Amy's pattern and now I want to start one right this second. See what you have done?