Friday, 1 December 2017


 Hello there, here is a little surprise for you all. Andy and I got married a couple of Saturdays ago.

I didn't make my dress, it has all been quite quickly organised in the short term even though we have been together for 17 years; it has been a long probation for Andy! My dad is not very well with a recurrent bout of cancer and we wanted to share the day with him before it was too late.

I bought my dress at a flash sale in a bridal shop about 18 months ago which I thought I would wear to a ball in September but I didn't get around to making the alterations it needed in time so I whipped it out of the wardrobe, turned it up with a blind hem and took in the bust. You could have got two loaves of bread down the front!I couldn't leave it in the shop for £30 (instead of £250!) even though at the time, I didn't really need it.

Andy chose to wear the waistcoat I made for him a while back which warmed my heart. My friend lent me her sparkly head band.

The registrar was my best mate. I know, how lucky are we that my bestie is a wedding registrar! So she shared the day with us in a truly unique way. Here we all are looking like we have been to the bookies!

I have, however, been honing my craft skills in other areas. I made some invitations with some stamp sets and liquid pearl glue which I already had in my papercraft stash. This one is an ink reject.

I made some hair pieces for my girls to wear using bits and bobs(those pink, now purple flowers are from you Amy)

My daughters and I made some place cards for the lunch we celebrated with afterwards. We weighted some heart shaped cards with a bead to dangle into a wine glass.

I really enjoyed making a bridal bouquet and some posies for our daughters and my niece, not forgetting a dapper buttonhole for Andy. I chose roses, chrysanthemums and purple lisianthus...all from Aldi.

We did not have a wedding cake but my girls love baking and Big Sis dreams of becoming a cake decorator when she is older so she had a great time making fairy cakes with her sister.

So you know a wedding is a great opportunity to play with your sewing and craft skills but it is far more important to have the opportunity to marry a fabulous man in the company of my dad. Overall, that is the biggest opportunity not to miss.

I will leave you with a fantastic wedding ode written by my very good friend Linda.

Tying each other in knots.

It's Saturday in Bridgnorth,
The market's in full flow.
When from the Town Hall they emerge,
Groom Andy and wife Jo.

The bride is wearing purple,
The groom his Sunday best.
And, as it's mid-November,
A crocheted thermal vest.

Some guests have got distracted,
by the marketeer's shouts.
And forgetting their confetti-
Are buying bags of sprouts.

Then Jo abandons Andy,
She's got bigger fish to fry
Because in the Red Cross window
Is a bag of cheap four ply.

But they make it to the castle,
Where cameras click and whir.
And Jo looks jolly lovely 
in her satin and her fur.

The guests are glowing pinkly,
and feeling mighty fine.
Cos' Andy's packed a flagon or two
of homemade Rhubarb wine.

Then after lunch and speeches,
And the mums have had a cry.
It's back home with great memories
Which stretch Three Stories High.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good weekend ahead. 
Jo xxx


  1. Oh congratulations! This is so lovely. I love the colour scheme you chose and you look beautiful in your dress!

  2. Huge congratulations. Your description of the big day sounds perfect. Love all the hand made touches, the Aldi flowers look stunning.

  3. Congratulations, it looks like your friends poem summed you up perfectly x

  4. Wonderful. You all looked fabulous in your finery. The photos look great. Love the poem made me smile. A very big CONGRATULATIONS.

  5. Congratulations Jo and Andy! I am wiping a tear of my cheek, seeing you all so happy and jolly makes me feel all warm inside. I am sorry do hear about your dad's illness. I bet he was the proudest man in all the town, with the most beautiful daughter of all.

    I have another tear on my cheek because your wedding reminded me of mine (nearly 19 years ago). Richard's dad was very ill and we wanted him to be able to be at our wedding. It was his last outing and I am very glad he could be with us for this day.

    You all look fabulous! xx

  6. Congratulations! you all look lovely! xx

  7. Congratulations my dear!! I hope that the next 17 and all of the 17's after that are even happier than the first 17 have been and that you have a long, happy and wonderful marriage and lives together!! I hope too that all will be as well as it can for your Dad. Much love to you all!!

  8. Congratulations!!! You all look wonderful. Andy dapper and you ladies beautiful. Here's to the future.

  9. I hope you continue your happy 17 years of being together into your married life. Congratulations for your marriage. You all look rather lovely - the colours are really nice and you an the girls look beautiful and so pretty in your dresses. Andy looking rather smart in his waistcoat too.Hope you had a happy day but most importantly keep being as happy as you are.

  10. Congratulations. It's so lovely you got to share the day with your dad and that the girls helped you prepare for such a beautiful event. You all look splendid!

  11. Marie from Longridge2 December 2017 at 09:01

    Many Congratulations. You all look great and I hope your love for each other continues to grow. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
    Marie P.

  12. Congratulations! You all look amazing, and what wonderful arrangements are there no end to your talents. Here's to a long marriage. xx

  13. Dear Jo
    Many congratulations to you all. It looks as though you had a lovely day. The handcrafted elements made it extra special.
    Best wishes

  14. Jo, in this world of horrible daily news you just made my week. I am so thrilled for all of you. Everyone looks so happy and I am so happy that Andy's Dad could be there with you to enjoy the day and see you wed. Bless all of you. There is so much love in your family and it shows in every post. Congrats from Florida.

  15. Congratulations Jo! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and it's great you could celebrate it with your dad. You did an amazing job with the flowers - so pretty!

  16. Congratulations!! It looks like a beautiful day and you all look gorgeous! X

  17. Congratulations glad your dad was part of your day x

  18. OMG! I started reading your newer post and was like, wuh???? and had to scroll down to see what I'd missed. What a surprise! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!!!! You both look fantastic and so happy. It looks like you had a beautiful day. I love that you wore purple. It's my favorite color and I've always said that if we ever have our vows renewed, I will wear purple for the occasion. Much nicer than white. :)

  19. Congratulations - what a surprise! You all looked lovely, and your flower displays are gorgeous xx

  20. Whaaaat?! Oh my goodness Jo! I nearly spilled my cup of tea! Huge congratulations to you and Andy. You look gorgeous (great dress) and make such a handsome couple, and how lovely that your girls and dad could share the special day. xxx

  21. Congratulations! The photos are adorable, and I love the poem! Sounds like the perfect day. XXX

  22. Awwwwww, it all looked lovely Jo, and speaking as somebody who's dad died shortly before my wedding, I think it was great to seize the day and share this time with him.
    Congratulations. That poem is brilliant too.
    Jacquie xxx

  23. hang on a mo,I am just wiping away a tear.I have been away and have missed this.Huge Congratulations to you all,so glad your dad could enjoy the day with you precious memories to share.You all look Stunning,you are so Super Duper clever too.Love all the fab photos.Huggles to all.xxxx

  24. Congratulations, what wonderful news. The 'just been at the bookies' photo is fabulous!
    You all look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a little of your day.

  25. Congratulations Jo. What a fabulous day for you all. x

  26. Congratulations all! You all looked amazing! Stunning photos!It was lovely to read about your day, and the poem said it all!
    Barbara x

  27. Wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing your happy news with us, Jo. :) I love seeing all you made for your wedding and am so glad you were able to share this special time with your dad. xxxx