Monday, 5 October 2015

Sew Jersey

My sewing class have been trying to get to grips with sewing Jersey on their machines. It has 'stretched' them to understand all the dials on their machines - stitch length, stitch width and stitch choice.

I made a slouchy T from the October edition of Prima magazine

If you have this free pattern, be warned, it is mighty wide. This is a size 10. I usually cut a 12. I still took a curved chunk off the sides as you can see in the photo.


But it is slouchy and comfortable, a real home T-shirt for doing my Mundane Monday jobs. My class also learnt, often the hard way, that the neck binding on a T-shirt elevates the garment from pyjama top to daywear! They tried really hard on scraps first learning about the stretch ways of jersey. If you can master a jersey neck binding - the world is your oyster. 

Here are some useful links:
Happy sewing - I am off to have an hour on my jersey Bettine dress before I do the school run.

Jo x


  1. Jersey intimidates me. Love the shirt, it's just the sort of thing I wear.

  2. Your shirt is awesome, Jo. I especially love the drop shoulders, that's such a nice look. I have sewn very little jersey or knit fabric. I have some nice slacks in a knit material that are too long and I was debating for a long time about trying to hem them myself and I'm just afraid. I ended up trying cuffs and they actually look nice cuffed...what a relief. Hope you have a good week. :)

  3. I love the slouch look of it but the jersey is too scary for an amateur like me.

  4. Jersey is one of my favorite fabrics in the world, but I do not think I could ever sew with it!
    Your shirt turned out lovely - it looks quite comfortable! :D

  5. I need to come to your class - I can never sew jersey successfully. Thanks for sharing the links xx

  6. A challenge for your class, but one that I am sure that you very ably took them through! Your top looks really great and suits you! xx

  7. Another lovely finish, Jo! I admire your growing skill fueled by well focused practice :) xx

  8. It looks very comfortable, perfect for after work on a cold night.