Friday, 28 August 2015

Vintage pattern

I am smiling because, you know, I am a half-glass-full kinda lady but it's not quite right somehow.

I bought this Vogue 7042 1967 pattern in Whitby from a Vintage shop for just £1.50 but at Bust 38 it turns out to be a touch too big. 

I modified the sleeves to be a simple gather with a bias trim because the deep cuffs, if I'm honest, frightened me slightly style-wise. Maybe it was the headscarf too...

The second 'mmmm' for me was my fabric choice. It is a linen cotton mix which I chose as my Minerva sponsored fabric this month. I have never done a negative review for any of the fabric I have had from them but it was just too darn crisp. I washed it before I used it too but it was still stiff. It wasn't the right fabric for this pattern... you could press the seams your thumb nail.

On the plus side Minerva has a great choice of beautiful lining. This is called jacquard lining and is fantastic quality. I would buy this again definitely. I could then have a bash at my other vintage jacket pattern and choose a different coloured lining. This pattern is a 36 bust so should be a better starting point.

Yeah! I really love the lining and I am sure the jacket will get a few summer try outs but it is not the denim jacket replacement I thought it would be.

I learnt lots of new skills making this and most importantly, I learnt to take my time, follow the instructions and enjoy sewing. That is a good thing for me. It is also one more make for my Vintage pledge this year over at Stitching Odyssey.


Thanks Minerva. Jo xxxx


  1. I was just thinking of lining fabric. It mostly seems rather drab but I'll have a look at Minerva. I am going to make a duffle coat.... I can't see anything wrong with your jacket, it looks fab. Have a great weekend. x

    1. Oh yes a duffle with their lovely lining would be fab. x

  2. Love the lining! I really like your jacket, the colour is lovely and will go well with most things.

  3. Love the jacket, a tremendous job, very impressive.

  4. I think it looks great too. Great lining as well.

  5. Well done as always Jo! The lining is great isn't it, shame that the fabric wasn't quite as you imagined, but it is still a nice jacket! xx

  6. I'm so glad you did not go for the pictured sleeves! How about wearing it with contrasting slacks or a skirt...don't try to match the navy which I find a tricky bit. At any rate, I like what you have made and can imagine you getting lots of good wear from it. xx

  7. I think it looks fab! Perhaps a few washes would soften the fabric? Love the lining too!

  8. The head scarf did scare me a bit too. I love the jacket, can you bring in the side seams a bit? Of course with my limited sewing skills I would not know the answer to this, or you could send it to me!

  9. Now would you look at that lining FABULOUS! loving it Jo!
    D xx

  10. It's still better than anything I could ever hope to make! I know what you mean about those deep cuffs - they're completely fabulous, but I'm not sure I could pull them off either. x