Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Three Stories High

We live in a three story house, it keeps me fit and names my blog! Today I am giving you a peek into our other two three story houses.

After our holidays the girls came back with little stripy paper bags of presents bought for them by their kind and generous Aunt and Uncle: a little dog, a wall cupboard and a fruit bowl. I have not shared with you the wonders of their dollhouse collections but their choice of play yesterday made me write up a little post.

My Uncle made the first house for Big Sis when she was one and she has collected things for it ever since. Spending her birthday money on little plates and cups, pictures and flowers.

My brother-in-law made the second one for Little M after I bought it in a kit. She also likes to visit the market stall that sells little treasures for her house. They both always have something from Father Christmas to go in their houses every year too.

Yesterday they decided to do a spring clean and take everything out and give it a dust; playing with a dry paintbrush and sweeping the carpets with an old toothbrush really. They were chatting away about what they had and where they were going to put things afterwards. Do you want a little peek inside them?

We also made a little repair pile of things that had got a little damaged. A good holiday job to cross off the list. What about a few close ups?

I would never have bought them Dollhouses but the influence of my family members has really grown on me over time.

I have made them miniature crochet items which they use as a bath rug here and hand towels in the other one. 

Big Sis used her first piece of double crochet as a bed spread and modelled this room on our spare room hence the sewing corner.

Do you know anyone with a dollhouse? 
Did the you enjoy that little three story tour?

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. I've always wanted a doll's house!

  2. How lovely! I had no idea that such intricate beautiful doll house furnishing even existed. I particularly like the tiny dress dummy. Cxx

  3. I never had a proper doll's house though I made myself one when I was a child and we lived in a three storie house. Your girls' houses are amazing!

  4. Dear Jo
    I had a doll's house which my mum made for me and which I still have - although it is up in the loft now. I do remember liking a set of Tudor-style furniture which was (now I think about it) a rather odd part of the interior. Your daughters' houses are much more organised than mine was!
    Best wishes

  5. My dolls' house is in the garage, but one day I'd like to bring it in and do something with it. Sarah's house is currently sitting on the landing and awaiting a decision; in or out? I'd love to clear space in the family room and have it set up so that I can play with it when I'm free to. I may need to raid her Sylvanian Families to populate it like a scene from Brambley Hedge....

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Takes me right back to my own childhood. I reckon I could get into that again even as an adult :)

  7. I keep my dolls house in the nursery for when I have little visitors. I have Victorian furniture that is exchanged for more sturdy furniture when the little ones play with it.

  8. Oh my word. This is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us. My grandpa made my sisters and I dolls houses when we were small and my mum now has them in the playroom at her house with all the contents. They are like little 1980s time capsules. Bella has a chunky wooden playhouse and contents, but nothing this delicate. I think that, if I was let loose, I could really get into the whole dolls house thing. I remember seeing this HUGE dolls house at Uppark House when I was little and just standing staring at it for ages, utterly captivated. x

  9. Both of the girls houses are fabulous!!!! They have decorated them with such style too, everything goes together so perfectly, they are just like perfect miniature homes that you could move straight into. I would be happy to live in either one. I am sure that they will treasure them and keep them for many years!!! I wish that I still had my dolls house, not that I had much in it, but nowadays I could furnish it much more nicely. Oh well, one day! xx

  10. They are beautiful, made even more special in that they have lighting! I had a Sindy doll house when I was young, I think my mum sold it though when I left home. Shame, as my daughter would have loved it xx

  11. Absolutly wonderful,it brought back memories of my dolls house my grandad made me,and my father chopped it up for firewood as we had no money for coal,i was heartbroken ,but i,m having one made for my granddaughter ,so cant wait to furnish it,x

  12. what beautiful houses - are those electric lights? They are so wonderful. My dad made my sister and I dolls houses when we were little and they brought us so much joy. I love the little crochet items too - so sweet. xxx

    (ps. i like the way you refer to your children without using their names - i had been wondering how best to do this for the odd ocassion my little girl appears so have stolen your 'Little M' idea - i hope you don't mind - i thought it best to own up, but do tell me if this really bothers you and i'll think of something else!!)

    1. Not at all. I do sometimes forget and put their names on but usually on their birthday when I am writing about their cake and things and it seems more personal to them. I will pop over to you blog right now. Jo xx

  13. I had a dolls house which had no stairs. Very basic and the dolls would have to jump between floors. Love your elegant staircases and all the other details.

  14. My daughter's dolls house is still in the corner. (She's 19 now!!!!) The three of us used to love making things for it (rugs, bed linen, curtains, cushions, lampshades, books, brooms, toy chests, toys, Christmas stockings, lots of Christmas decorations, pictures, clocks, food ...) and you've just given me an idea for a fine crochet blanket (I'm making a shawl in lace weight silk and merino and I'm sure I can spare a few yards). Your girls are so lucky to have such a creative mum.

  15. My daughter has a dolls house. I bought it in a charity shop but it had previously been made by some caring parent or grandparent. She's only three at the moment and plays quite roughly with the furniture and people but I am hoping as her fine motor skills develop we can do it up nicely together.

  16. I had a Lundby dolls house and LOVED it. I used to knit blankets for the beds and make food out of plasticine. It's now in my Mum and Dads logt, my lot have only shown mild interest which is fine as I still very protective of it lol. It's v funny though, the decor is all orange and green and brown swirls, VERY 70's. My two girls have their own dolls houses but sadly they are more interested in iPads these days :(