Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kitsch cushion

I have had some quite hefty knitting projects on the go of late and wanted to lighten the load but keep my hands busy. I continued to use up the rest of the scraps I gave Big Sis for her crochet blanket exploits.

All the odd colours of yarn were leftover but I thought I would give kitsch-crochet a go and see what happened.

The back is double crochet stripy with a button flap. The bobbles were just what I wanted to finish it off.

Now that was and is some happy crochet. 
 Enjoy your weekend, we are off on a mammoth bike ride this weekend.
 Catch you later. Jo xxxx


  1. Eye catching, certainly makes you smile. Have a great time on your bike ride, hope the weather is king to you it is forecast rain here for the weekend.

  2. Really bright and cheery, love the bobble edging.

  3. Lovely and colorful cushion!!

  4. I always love a bit of kitsch! I hope you bum is not too sore after your mammoth bike ride. Enjoy! x

  5. I do like the pompom addition - lovely x

  6. Fantastic cushion - very in your face, love it!
    Caz xx

  7. Kitsch is what crochet should always be I think

  8. I love your new cushion and I wouldn't call it Kitsch! It is just very colourful, almost vintage! Viola