Friday, 7 August 2015


We use the phrase 'beaky' in our house to mean poking your nose in or staring at things that are not your business or sticking your 'beak' in where it is not wanted. It can also mean taking a nose around i.e 'sticky beaking'. It is taken lightheartedly and can also be used to warn the children in social situations. i.e if we are out and they are staring at someone in the street who appears different in some way, I can whisper "oi, beaky" and they will look away and smile at me.

So what has this to do with anything?  Big Sis was eight today and received this fabulous present from her crafty Aunt yesterday. She opened it at her house and read it all the way home in the car, then squirrelled herself away up stairs. She used the book alone to entirely work out how to crochet in the round and change colour moving a stitch marker each time. She LOVES this book

It has some lovely projects for children and she chose BEAKY George, the pencil topper. The name resonated with her and she managed to find all the stuff in my cupboard.

If you have a budding young crocheter in your family, I would highly recommend this book and so would Heidi. The diagrams, pictures, projects and instructions are all fabulous. Trying to show our little left-hander now too, but it is proving a bit more tricky!

She had some friends to play at the cabin with a picnic lunch including sheep cakes whilst being a little embarrassed about the happy birthday singing.(sheep cakes!I ask you...)

Happy Birthday Heidi. 
Jo or mum x


  1. Wishing her a happy birthday, they grow up so quickly. The book looks wonderful, I will look out for a copy in preparation for the grandchildren they love to craft with Granny.

  2. I am going to ask for sheep cakes for my next birthday, how cook is that. Happy Birthday Heidi! (What a lovely name you have). Christina x

    1. Feeling a little homesick with that name are you?!! I love her name, everyone comments on it. She also had an old copy of the sequel to Heidi, Heidi grows up which I didn't even know existed. I am trying to sneak a read of it before she starts! Thanks for stopping by Christina

  3. What a lovely present - happy birthday:)

  4. I can't believe your child is already a more capable crocheter than I am after 10 years of trying! X

  5. Happy Birthday Heidi! Beaky George is Awesome :)!! I now feel properly nostalgic - I read and re-read Heidi and Heidi Grows Up, back in the day!

  6. Wow! Your little lady is talented learning how to do it all by herself! I have an 8 year old left hander and have really struggled to teach her, i might invest in this book for fun but easy ideas!

  7. Happy birthday to your girl! The crochet book looks fab and well done to your little Miss for working out how to crochet in the round.
    Marianne x

  8. Brilliant present for your darling birthday girl. She is growing up!
    Hugs to you Mom, birthdays are fun but hard to see them turn one year older.

  9. I love it and her!
    Thats the book I refer adults to...when they are learning to crochet its brilliant!
    and what a lovely gift ....the giver obviously knows her well...
    bestest D x

  10. Happy birthday to Heidi, and what amazing crocheting! Bella has tried a few times but really struggles to hold the yarn with the right amount of tension in her left hand. I like the way you use "beaky" in social situations - when I catch my two staring I whisper "remember it's not polite to stare" and they indignantly say "I'm just LOOKING not staring!" My approach clearly isn't working... x

  11. Belated happy birthday to Heidi. It's great that she has learnt to crochet. It must be very difficult to crochet if you are left-handed. Well, difficult to learn or more likely, find someone who is able to teach you.

  12. Brilliant book review, thanks for that, and Happy Birthday Heidi :)