Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekend fun

Not many words today but lots of pictures in full techni-colour green...


Little M likes to live on the edge, with her nose close to the water saying 'wowww' over and over again.

This is what she is looking at...

Big Sis is scooping and looking...

I have a few minutes to myself searching for wildlife...

Then we wanted to catch the bluebells before they went over this year, they were magnificent.



collecting and identifying.

There was a bit of crochet goodness in the cabin stopover too. I made these two years ago, they were too big for a scarf and too holey when I joined them together to start a blanket so I stuffed them in a bag until an idea came along.

Today I strung them together on ribbon as cabin decor. Little M bombed my photo there... I laughed out loud so...

She did it again...

I also made four more squares towards a slow burn blanket I only do when we are at the cabin. Few more years I think...

We stayed over on Saturday night, ate pasta, toasted marshmallows and lit the log burner for a cosy nights sleep.

Hope you all enjoyed some 'green' this weekend. Jo xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you are all having a lot of fun!

  2. Beautiful photos Jo! You are so lucky to have your cabin to escape to. Love the flower garland too. Very pretty. Bee xx

  3. More grey than green here unfortunately... Your pond expedition looks fun!

  4. It's so nice to have the cabin. You all seem to be enjoying it a lot.

  5. It sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Love your cabin.

  6. I love these posts Jo....there is a calmness when you all are at the cabin! Just look at those sweeties looking for tadpoles! And how cute is that photo of them by the gate! AMAZING! Pasta and marshmallows by a fire....heaven! Happy week to you!! So glad you guys got away! Nicole xo

  7. Sounds idyllic a wonderful family weekend, perfect.

  8. Lovely photos - definitely full of lot of greeny goodness!
    Caz xx